AMRI IVF Center: Bringing the joy of Parenthood to over 10,000 Couples

Megha Sahay

, Health Hour

No amount of worldly pleasures can beat the happiness of holding your own baby in the arms, and experiencing the ultimate feeling of motherhood. However, with the recent shift in the pattern of parenthood, more and more parents are looking for medical options and assisted reproductive techniques to help them experience parenthood. AMRI IVF center caters to childless parents and provides them with effectual fertility treatments using advanced reproductive technologies.

IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization, is a well-known assisted technique of reproduction. AMRI IVF Centre at Southern Avenue, Kolkata is the very first IVF service provider in Eastern India having an advanced cyrobank (storing eggs, sperms for later use). The hospital has, since then, delivered happiness in the form of healthy babies to hundreds of its patients who were either childless parents, or people dealing with fertility problems. The center holds an impressive roster of consultant doctors, who perform every screening and treatment services with utmost precision, and dedication.  Its expert professionals support parents in bringing their child into the world and assist them throughout the duration of the treatment.   

With its high-tech Infertility (IVF) services, AMRI hospitals Southern Avenue aim at treating a number of fertility related issues, and lend means of delivering healthy children, devoid of genetic anomalies or chromosomal disorders. Our medical services provide the best possibility of success. The IVF medical facility treatments are open for people not just in Kolkata but across Indian, and international borders.

Key highlights of AMRI IVF CENTRE:

  • Success rate of over 50% – 60% in self cases & 80%-90% in third party cases
  • Over 10000 babies conceived under one roof
  • Dedicated team of fertility super-specialist, embryologists, andrologists, endocrinologists, counsellors and dietician
  • 100% Non-Disclosure Agreement – Client Confidentiality
  • Advanced Lab following ICMR guidelines

The treatments are available at affordable rates, and to every person irrespective of the gender, cultural, and regional differences. The services are supported by leading technologies in the field of reproductive sciences, and best-in-class medical staff.

The fertility and IVF center is known for its uncompromising health-care services. We are committed to deliver quality services in a controlled, confidential and nurturing environment. For couples who want to conceive their own child, get sterile treatments or have their eggs frozen, the fertility center at AMRI Hospitals helps them in every treatment option they wish to proceed with.


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