Digital Health Technology and the revolutionising Indian healthcare sector

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The recent report by Royal Philips indicates that India is adopting digital health technology with great acceleration. The report claims that almost 76% of the total health professionals in India are using digital health records (DHRs) in their practice. It suggested that India meets the 15-country Future Health Index (FHI) average of the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector at 46%.

On the launch, the President of the Philips Healthcare of the Indian constitution, Rohit Sathe said “Philips’ Future Health Index 2019 report confirms that digital health technology is a pivotal pillar in delivering value-based care across the healthcare continuum in India. Tools including telehealth and adaptive intelligence solutions can help lower the barriers between hospitals and patients, thereby improving access to care and enhancing overall patient satisfaction, particularity in tier II & III cities in India. We hope that the insights from this report will assist key stakeholders in designing and implementing robust and sustainable health systems in the country.”

It was found that 80% of the total healthcare professionals have shared their patient information with other healthcare professionals digitally. The number is equal to that of the 15-country average of the healthcare professionals who share patient information digitally. In India, the individuals are not worried much about the substitution of AI with the human element as only one in five associate AI with less human interaction in contrast to one in three of the individuals living within the 15-country average.

It added that almost two-third Indians are comfortable/neutral seeking advice on their health through apps from the doctors. The data depicts a high willingness to adopt telehealth and explore its benefits. Almost half the Indians says that they are not aware of the benefits of digital health technology.

Providing education and information around health technology and mobile health will be the key to foster the healthcare journey on the road of technology advancements.




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