Follow Dr Farida Modi measures and get a sexy back

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Times Of India: 

There are some trends in fashion industry that never gets old. And even if they do, they come back after a decade or two. But few things stay forever, just like flaunting the sexy back from a daring designer outfit.

If you exactly know what to do, you can pull off anything with an ease. These tips will help you in showing off your best side:


To get a back like Deepika Padukon, Deanne Pandey suggests smart exercises that involve short, intense bursts of activity. For example, on days when you’re working out your back, do back exercises followed by a few minutes of cardio, and then return to working out your back. It is the fastest way to burn fat and get a sexy back.

Stand tall-

we know that posture is very important. Make a conscious attempt to roll your shoulders back and relax them, hold your chin up and stand tall. This strengthens your core, which involves abs, back, hip muscles.


  • If you have marks, acne or pigmentation on your back, start prepping (list below) at least 10-12 weeks in advance. If you have mild problems, 4-6 weeks should be enough.
    You need to follow the subsequent steps suggested by Dermatologist, Dr Farida Modi:
  • Do not wax your back very close to the occasion as it induces acne-like eruptions. Use bleach instead for hiding   back hair.
  • If you have marks and pimples, apply Lacto Calamine lotion during the day.
  • At night, you can apply mild exfoliating creams that contain retinols or retinoids.
  • If you need professional help, you can go in for Microdermabrasion, which is nothing but exfoliation. You can also  go for chemical peels, which are exfoliant creams that work on deeper levels than Microdermabrasion and also contain lightening properties.
  • There’s a general tendency to rub the back with loofahs and towels. Avoid doing this as it can spread infections and  also increase pigmentation.
  • If you generally wear clothes that have a low back, remember to slap on some sun protection and moisturizer.

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