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Healthcare Innovation Summit to be hosted by Elets Technomedia in Mumbai

One of the most important component and basis of critical assessment of the development index of a nation is healthcare. The growth of a nation can not only be measured only by developing agriculture, industries and services, but also overall human development progress. Healthcare is one such significant measure to tally the human development.

Elets Technomedia in collaboration with eHealth Magazine found this opportunity to host Healthcare Innovation Summit to be held on 13th June, 2019 in Mumbai. The aim of the summit is to address different opportunities, technological advancements and latest development in the healthcare industry.

Summit is themed ‘Taking Healthcare Delivery to Next Level-Best Practices, Innovation & Excellence’ 

This Summit will bring together leaders and experts to deliberate and discuss the present situation of the Indian healthcare industry to initiate the path towards the requirements and needs of patients in the sector.

The objective of the summit is to leverage digital technologies, skills and resources, spread information about latest trends and practices, and create platform for cooperation and concurrence among the key stakeholders.

The agenda is to use advanced innovations, disseminate data in reference to the latest patterns and practices, assets and abilities and the creation of such platforms for conjoint efforts and accord among the partners.

In the summit, the policymakers and other leaders would discuss and debate upon the best ways to provide better care. It would also witness the presence of the world of healthcare giants, top policymakers, international experts and hospital decision makers.

The summit is expected to bring in the veterans and visionaries at a single platform to give this conference a synthesis of new and old ideas that will impact the future of the healthcare business in India through identifying the growth drivers in the sector.

Mr. Eknath Shinde, Hon. Health Minister of the Government of Maharashtra, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Vyas, Principal Secretary (Public Health) Government of Maharashtra are some of the key invites.

Topics such as role of Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the developing sustainable healthcare ecosystem, role of Emerging Technologies for building smart hospitals, artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare, and ensuring profitability through optimum patient care will remain centre of discussions.

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