Is knee surgery the only answer to prolonged pain?

Megha Sahay

, Health

Knee is one of the most complex and important human joints as it bears the weight of the entire body. During any physical activity, be it climbing the stairs or a proper gym workout, knees experience the maximum amount of pressure. Hence, knee pain alleviates with time and is generally short lived. However, prolonged knee pain, which was primarily diagnosed in the elderly, has recently registered increasing number of cases in middle age adults.

Dr Rajeev K Sharma, Chairman, Orthopedics & Joint Replacement at Vimhans Nayati Super Specialty Hospital, said, “The multiple risk factors predisposing young adults to arthritis are obesity, sports injury, and genetics. Youth playing routine sports are more inclined to sustain joint injuries leading to instability as well as joint wear and tear.”

And while these reasons account for nearly all the long-lasting knee pain cases, the root cause lies in the lifestyle of people. Bad posture at workplace, inflammatory arthritis, and obesity have been responsible for knee pain cases in young adults.

But, the question remains: Is Knee replacement surgery the only way out? Generally, people who are diagnosed with pain in knee movement, tenderness in the knee, deformities, or space between the knee joints are recommended to go for surgery.

“A patient who typically complains of acute pain in the knee, which aggravates while walking on the stairs or any activity that involves bending of the knees leading to a limping gait affecting or completely restricting the movement of the patient should consider getting a knee replacement surgery,” explains Dr Rajeev K Sharma.

Considering the fear in people regarding surgery, orthopedic specialists at Nayati Healthcare state that knee implants have showcased immense success in the past. With advanced orthopedics featuring new medical procedures, increasing surgical expertise, and latest machinery, an individual has bright chances of restoring normal knee motion.

On the other hand, doctors at Nayati Healthcare strongly advise to maintain a regular regime of strengthening exercises, wear support equipment during gym workouts, and focus on their eating habits to the people who are experiencing knee pain of a comparatively lower intensity. The diet of an individual must include a healthy blend of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, calcium, and collagen supplements.

That said, one must objectively weigh the pros and cons of surgery for chronic knee pain before making the final choice. For this, it is imperative to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic expert as soon as possible.


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