Praxis Global Alliance’ Healthcare Investor Report of 2019 reveals Opportunities for value creation in India

On September 3, Praxis Global Alliance published its healthcare investor report for the year 2019. The report, which is titled Healthcare Investor Sentiment Spotlight 2019, reveals some important sides of how investors’ activities have been since 2011-12.

Indian healthcare sector, which is facing its tough days, is undergoing a transformative phase. This sector has always been known for its potential of high growth but this trend is now changing. The report brings the investor sentiment in Indian healthcare sector to the fore. It also focuses on knowing whether current business models are working in the right direction to confront with the transformations going on in Indian healthcare.

Government of India’s principal’s focus has been delivering universal healthcare to urban as well as rural population. Ayushman Bharat, the government’s healthcare scheme that was introduced in 2018, is expecting private players’ support to enhance India’s health status. The Praxis Global Alliance’ report shows that a number of healthcare investors and planning bodies are happy to cope up with the current shift.

More than 100 big healthcare investors were reached out by PGA. Also, they examined various healthcare components such as Pharma, Medtech, Clinics, Hospitals, Biotech, etc. Following are some of the major points that came out of the report:

  • Investment in healthcare has touched the point of its all-time high.
  • Although a few rules and regulations have led down the investor’s spirit but the sector is expected to flourish.
  • Specialty hospitals and clinics emerged as the most investment-arresting segments by growth.
  • Investors also seem to be interested in Pharma and Life sciences.
  • Huge value-creation opportunity to bless Indian healthcare in the coming years.

“In a country of 1.3 Billion with diverse demography, it is a huge challenge to reach out to each individual”, said Anjan Bose, Advisor and Domain Leader of Praxis Global Alliance. He also praised the Ayushman Bharat scheme that aims to benefit 500M people from the below poverty line in India.

“India is going to be a huge healthcare market that will attract immense private investment in the coming years”, he added while highlighting that there is a long way to go.



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