Scared of the dengue fever impact in Delhi? Follow these tips to stay safe

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Have you seen an increase in the anti-mosquito gas trucks in Delhi? Did you notice a rise in the number of dengue infected people? The Times of India recently reported that the Capital has been the epicenter of India’s dengue outbreak with 170 cases out of 488 in just one week. Simultaneously, the count of malaria and chikungunya patients is slowly increasing.

While the government is taking precautionary measures and monitoring multiple breeding grounds, doctors at Kukreja Hospital, Rajouri Garden suggest the symptoms and precautions that can protect you from the dreadful disease:-

Causes and Symptoms of Dengue

Dengue is caused by the bite of Aedes aegypti, a mosquito breed responsible for other diseases like yellow fever and chikungunya. It is important to understand that the disease cannot spread from one person to another via direct contact. The symptoms are as follows:-

  • High fever
  • Skin Rash
  • Chronic joint pain
  • Vomiting
  • Nose bleeding

Generally, it takes 2-5 days for the symptoms to be visible. While fever and joint pain have a sudden onset, dengue symptoms like skin rash or nose bleeds might appear after a few days. Doctors at Kukreja Hospital added that unlike chickenpox, an individual can be a victim of dengue multiple times. Even though dengue can be easily treated within a week, advanced stages can lead to serious conditions like shock syndrome or hemorrhage.

Though it is suggested to take round-the-clock precautions, special care must be taken during morning and late afternoon, which are considered as the usual active hours of dengue mosquito. Here are a few tips from specialists at Kukreja Hospital, Rajouri Garden to fight the dengue symptoms since there is no vaccine to protect against the disease:

  1. Stick to clothing that cover your skin because reduced skin exposure means reduced risks
  2. Avoid keeping a bucket under the air conditioner outlet. It creates a breeding ground for such mosquitoes
  3. Ensure that the drains in your balcony are either completely blocked or free-flowing. Water clogging with plants near the drain mouth promotes mosquito breeding
  4. Mosquito repellents are extremely useful and should be kept handy if you spend a fair part of your day in open surroundings
  5. In case you have contracted fever, keep a check on dehydration. Consume liquids in regular intervals as they help to make up for the loss of diet (in case of frequent vomiting)
  6. Avoid physical activities like running, gym, jogging, etc. Exertion combined with dengue symptoms can trigger an intense reaction
  7. Dengue symptoms may feel better after a few days for maybe half of the day. Continue the bed rest as this often indicates the onset of a secondary (and more severe) stage

With the rising cases of mosquito based diseases in Delhi, it is advised to take every necessary precaution to secure yourself from dengue. Do not ignore any symptom or change in your routine life and consult a doctor immediately for the same.


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