Rudraksh Group Facilitates Visa Application Procedure to Study in the US


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                          Rudraksh Group Facilitates Visa Application Procedure to Study in the US

Not many are privileged enough to be able to study in USA. Applying for a US Student Visa brings you close to your dream of possibly working for a reputed firm. As an international student it is necessary to complete certain Visa related formalities to be able to study in the US. Rudraksh Group briefs about the necessary information that you should be well aware of, before applying for the Visa.

An F1 visa is issues when applying for US visa as a student wishing to attend academic course under a reputed US college/university.

Things to Remember

  1. For a full-time student status, F1 students are ought to keep a minimal course load
  2. Only 60 days of extension will be allotted after completion of applied academic program
  3. The  above condition gets annulled on permission to stay for work is granted under OPT program

Conditions to Qualify for F1 Visa

Rudraksh Group Mohali enlists the key points to remember while applying for a student visa in the US.

Foreign Residency: A foreign residence to return immediately post completion of academic program

Sponsoring Institution: Attain education only from the applied academic institution that granted Visa

Financial Support: A demonstration of sufficient financial support to study in the USA.

Ties to Home Country: Verifiable and strong ties to home country like bank accounts, land, and vehicle

Application Fees: Submit an application fee which is non-refundable on the failure of approval

Form DS-160: Applicants need to submit the online form for a non-immigrant Visa

Valid Passport: Valid passport having the validity of six months post intended duration of stay

Passport-sized Photos: Multiple copies of passport-sized photos taken as per US visa application norms

Form DS-157: Submit the form if the applicant is a man aged between 16-45 years

Rudraksh Group takes note that the entire procedure is smoothly executed for the applicant with constant assistance for the successful receipt of a US Student Visa.


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    Areena Gupta 31 / 01 / 2017 Reply

    Rudraksh group is really a good immigration consultant. I live in Mohali and few of my friends have availed their services. And they all are satisfied with rudraksh group services.

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    Sophia Wang 30 / 01 / 2017 Reply

    Thanks to the Rudraksh Group to help me in providing the business visa for Australia.I am very glad that their behavior was very professional throughout the visa process and everything was settle out very smoothly.

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    Kulwant singh 21 / 01 / 2017 Reply

    Basically not every company can feature in lists like these. That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Rudraksh group does exist and works on a little smaller scale as it is an emerging firm in the market. Soon it will leave its mark.


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