A two-day celebration of women health – FemmeCon 2019


Ritika Pathak

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India’s first women’s health festival is back for the second edition, FemmeCon- is a two-day festival which will focus on women’s health and celebrating their bodies. The event will be held from 7th-8th December, 2019 at the India International Center, Delhi.

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The event is being organized by ‘TheaCare: Women’s Health Companion’ with a goal to create a space where actions and conversations on women’s health can be regulated.  Bridging the map, by identifying the gaps and creating solutions for women’s health is the main objective of the FemmeCon.

Women’s Health Companion’

Swarnima Bhattacharya, the founder of FemmeCon, want to build a space for women where they can share their challenges related to health without inhibitions. Discussing some successful case studies, the attempt is to establish a relationship between women and their bodies. There are diverse aspects which the festival cover with the help of supportive doctors.

There is a need for women to have groups where they can share their bond with other women, find solace and find answers to the various questions related to bodies, sexual and mental health, daily self-care and finding the safe medical resources.

FemmeCon aims to be a confluence where women experience body positivity and feel warm as they engage in hearty conversations.  Different activities will take place which includes a baithak with pioneers of the women’s health in India. Goonj, Menstrupedia, The Woman’s Company and Delhi Gynecologists Forum will engage in the interactive sessions. Breast care, PCOS and hormonal health will also be discussed as the experts will shed some lights on the myths related to these topics.

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Adding to the session, women health will be discussed under the lens of law as legal experts will also be joining the celebration. Suggesting and pressing on the issues ranging from adolescent health, UTI, menopause, IVF, safe sex and vaginal health the experts will try to cover the wide spectrum of women’s health. The festival is about reclaiming the space and concentrating on the South Asian countries, the narrative will surround itself for a ‘call to action’ in order to co-create solutions for women’s health.


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