Ronojoy Dutta: From combating 9/11 to building Air Sahara, meet Indigo’s new CEO

Standing as a testimony of time, brawl and courage, Ronojoy Dutta is an Indian pilot who also was a survivor of the global aviation’s worst nightmare – the 9/11. A name in the aviation industry, he has had insights, and experiences like none other.

But in a nation where people are intrinsically moving towards foreign lands to work and settle, Dutt’s priority is firmly rooted towards his nation. That is what made him move back to the motherland after his 17- year stint at one of the most high-profiled air carriers – The United Airlines.

Being a catapult in the US aviation Industry, and after the major blow-up to the airlines due to 9/11, Ronojoy Dutta thought it was time to finally come back home. He then joined Air Sahara (India), a domestic flight carrier launched in 2000.

When questioned about the spurring thought behind his decision of moving back, he placed his hand on his chest and said “I have a passion for India. There was always an empty feeling in my stomach.”

He opined on Indian aviation industry, saying it is hopelessly underdeveloped, and the only way to travel is up.

“This is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide,” he added. He has always propagated the Indian sector as being a money-spinner in the aviation industry.

The success story of Ronojoy Dutta with Subrata Roy-led Air Sahara, India (Dutta directed its rapid expansion, which led to a 35% annual growth in revenue) has been much-admired. His appointment as the CEO of InterGlobe Aviation owned, India’s low-cost private carrier IndiGo, comes with an expectation of him replicating his success.

The 67-year-old Ronojoy Dutt has been currently working on a five-year business plan for IndiGo. His recruitment has raised high hopes for the airline, especially right now, when it is going through critical times.


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