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Find out Flexible Packaging trends dominating the market in 2020

With every passing year, the flexible packaging businesses have been setting some remarkable trends. As consumer demands change with time, in 2020, many flexible packaging companies like Zedpack have been seen to bring out new trends into fruition. Lets know about flexible packaging trends that are ruling the market in 2020:

1. Sustainability And Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials

From the innovative steps taken for zero-waste packaging transforming to reusable bundling projects and environmental friendly packaging solutions are gaining rapid popularity. Flexible packaging like stretch film, stand up pouches among many more have begun to surface the packaging industry.

2. Minimalist Packaging

Minimalistic approach has been seen to strike the most to the millenials. In packaging, it is used as a reference for minimal usage of the material as well as minimal impact on the environment while also catering to the branding of the product that has been contained with it. The minimalist approach is — straight forward, easy to understand, high contrast designs that highlight the brand and the product by putting uniqueness into it.

While there are numerous purposes behind the ascent of minimalist packaging, purchasers’ requests for environmental awareness and subtlety are two of the driving components behind the development of these things. Flexible packaging has seen consistent development in the course of recent years for these very reasons.

3. Supermarket shopping

Zedpack, manufacturer of flexible packaging and non-woven shopping bags, believes that packaging film demand is benefiting from the growing market share of the large retail chains worldwide. These chains have extended the market for packaged goods with their emphasis on cost efficiency and longevity.

Grocery stores are getting particularly preferred by purchasers because of their wide ranges of products and different choices of premium brands, normally inaccessible in different kinds of outlets.

4. Evolution In E-commerce Packaging

With many customers often expressing distaste for excessive packaging and the environmental concerns that come with it, businesses engaged in selling through e-commerce websites need to be able to find a balance between properly packaging and protecting their products without utilizing an excess of materials. The world is growing ever more conscious about waste and pollution and these concerns are also at the forefront of e-com packaging.

With numerous consumers consistently criticizing over-packaging and focus on environmental concerns, many industries have started engaging customers via e-commerce websites. Zedpack manufacturers state that with the world growing to be more conscious about pollution and waste management, it’s important to not only cater to the demands of the product but also that of the customers. However, when it comes to the flexible packaging as compared to other alternatives, the former seems to be more opted for in terms of sustainability and brand image as well.

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