K Raheja Corp among ‘India’s Top 100 Best Companies for Women’ for 4th consecutive year

Megha Sahay

, Industry Talk

‘Working Mothers Media’ and Avatar awarded top 100 Indian companies for Women in India

 Mumbai, 17th October, 2017: K Raheja Corp has earned the repute for being a strong employee friendly company, and more-so for its women workforce, supporting and empowering women employees, across levels. The Company has, for the fourth consecutive year been ranked amongst ‘India’s Top 100 Best Companies for Women’ by Working Mothers Media, a 3-decade old US based company that researches best practices for working mothers amongst corporates, and Avatar. The selection of the Top 100 Companies is an outcome of a detailed questionnaire comprising over 300 questions required Companies to provide data of high granularity on practices, programs and policies to also showcase gender inclusion at the workplace.

The HR policies of the Company include maternity programs, sabbaticals, flexible working hours etc. which empower women employees with the best work-life integration.

The Company also doesn’t discriminate when it comes to performance appraisals due to maternity breaks. It’s very unique maternity support program christened ’Aanchal’ is tailored to assist the expectant working mother with the best support through their pregnancies, along with enabling ease of return to work and seamless integration into the day to day functioning. Policies also provide the facility of day-care centres, which are set up across geographical locations.

Ensuring health of its women workforce, the Company organizes regular welfare activities including yoga, bone density tests, eye and dental check-ups, FAB Women, Adoption Assistance, Breast Cancer awareness camps, comprehensive health check-ups, and safety and defence training for women, to name just a few.

K Raheja Corp understands its responsibility in creating an equitable workplace and has a healthy female-male ratio at the place of work, along with having women at the helm in key leadership and decision-making roles.

Speaking on the prestigious win, Urvi Aradhya, CHRO, K Raheja Corp said

“It is gratifying to be acknowledged for our best people-empowering initiatives. To be acknowledged by ‘Working Mothers Media’ and making it to the hand-picked list of India’s top 100 is truly humbling. We take pride in our policies, that are tailored to meet our women employees’ requirements that empowers them to build a holistic relationship with us.”

Commenting on the findings, Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, Founder – President, AVTAR Group, said “It is extremely heartening to note that a milestone, originally envisaged as taking several decades to achieve in India, is now less than a decade away. The vanguard leadership of the organizations participating in the Best Companies initiative has ensured that it is possible for every company in India to achieve a 50-50 gender balance, which was previously seen as an unsurmountable challenge. By utilizing data about effectiveness of measures, companies are now very strategic about gender inclusion, which has translated into rapid results. The women are delighted and so are we! The year on year progress of companies, who have put themselves on a fast-track, via innovative practices and deep commitment is exemplary.”

Adding to this, Ms. Subha V. Barry, President – Working Mother Media, said “Each year, we look forward to celebrating the 100 Best Companies in India by shining a spotlight on the work they are doing on behalf of women throughout the country. Much progress has been made. ”



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