Shortage of industry-grade carbon dioxide leading to beer being rationed in the UK

If you’re a fan of cracking open a cold one and happen to live in the UK, there’s bad news. Beer wholesalers in UK are limiting their supplies due to the shortage of one of the most important resources needed to make beer, viz. carbon dioxide (CO2). The reason for this shortage is the closing of several ammonia plants in Europe that supply CO2, a byproduct.

beer shortage

Owned by Tesco, Booker, one of the biggest beer wholesalers in the UK has limited supply to bars to 300 cans per day. In fact, the shortage is also affecting other food production processes including soda, fizzy drinks, and the meat industry.

People are speculating that the shortage of beer might drive football hooligans mad. An average football fan in a bar can drink anywhere from 8 cans to 15. This means the bars will be able to serve only 20 people the entire day.

England will be playing against Belgium today for a spot in Round of Sixteen. A Heineken spokesperson reassured, “We’d like to reassure beer drinkers that all our breweries are operating at full capacity, and we’re working 24/7 to get beers to our customers as quickly as possible.”

Football fans will have to take it easy this world cup due to this sudden dearth of the drink that makes matches interesting. Till then, they can try Coca Cola as supplies to the customers have not been reduced despite the CO2 problem.




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