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Netflix 'Paid Sharing' Feature

Netflix Delays Launch of ‘Paid Sharing’ Feature Amidst Global Crackdown on Password Sharing

Netflix, the globally acclaimed streaming platform, holds the distinction of being the most widely streamed app across the globe. In recent
Netflix Faces Taxation Challenge

Netflix Faces Taxation Challenge in India as Government Targets Overseas Digital Companies

Netflix has been available in the Indian market for many years but couldn’t grow as much as its competitors like Disney+ Hotstar or Amazon
technology Cognitive Learning of a Child

Effects of Technology on the Cognitive Learning of a Child

There is no existence without technology in today’s world. It is present in all our existence, and students are the most affected. Our
GST Tribunal

Why the new GST Tribunal is termed Unconstitutional?

In 2017, when The Central Goods and Services Tax Act created a GST Tribunal, many felt that the Tribunal’s composition and structure were
surgical robotic arm

A robotic arm that can 3D bioprint inside the human body

The future of medical technology has landed, and it’s nothing short of revolutionary. Imagine a surgical robotic arm that could print
Armenia's innovative proposal

Armenia’s innovative proposal for a new trade corridor could transform India’s global trade strategy

Armenia has proposed a new trade corridor to connect Indian traders with Russia and Europe, bypassing Azerbaijan. The Persian Gulf-Black Sea
apple foxconn karnataka govt collaborate

Apple, Foxconn, and Karnataka Government Collaborate to Boost Manufacturing in India

Apple and its supplier Foxconn have been lobbying for the liberalisation of labour laws in the Indian state of Karnataka, according to a report
Rahul Jain Co-Founder and CEO of Review Adda

Unlocking the Doors to Higher Education with ReviewAdda

ReviewAdda is a leading education service provider that specializes in helping students with their college admissions and test preparation needs.
online gaming industry

Regulating the Gaming Industry: A Win-Win for the Economy and Player Protection

The gaming industry has grown exponentially in recent years with the advent of online gaming platforms and mobile gaming applications. The sector
toy seizure, Hamleys and Archies

18,500 Toys Seized from Mukesh Ambani-owned Hamleys Retail Stores in India for Lack of Safety Standards Compliance

On January 12th, 2023, over 18,500 toys were seized from retail stores, mainly from Mukesh Ambani-owned Hamleys in India, for lack of Bureau of
Netflix Faces Taxation Challenge

Netflix Faces Taxation Challenge in India as Government Targets Overseas Digital Companies

Netflix has been available in the Indian market for many years but couldn’t grow as much as its competitors like Disney+ Hotstar or Amazon
Indian Electronics Industry

The Impact of Global Economic Challenges on the Indian Electronics Industry

The Indian Electronics Industry has witnessed a slump in Q1 2023, and several factors contributed to this downturn. Despite the industry’s

Rana Kapoor: The Man Behind India’s Fastest-Growing YES Bank

Rana Kapoor is popularly known as the co-founder, former Managing Director and CEO of India’s fourth largest private sector bank- YES Bank.

List of Top 5 Investment Banking Companies in India

There are now more than three hundred investment banking companies in India. Here are some of the top contenders in the field: 1.  Axis Capital

Setting a record as a Banking Maverick – Rana Kapoor’s journey as an Entrepreneurial Banker

Leading light to the ways how ‘progressive entrepreneurship’ aspires, works and wins, the exemplary leadership of Rana Kapoor, as the founder and
Nirmala Sitharaman

Budget 2021: List of schemes launched by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Here is the list of schemes launched by the finance minister:- Aatmanirbhar package amounting to ₹27.1 lakh crore has been introduced to deal
Union Budget Mobile App

Finance Minister launches Union Budget Mobile App on the occasion of traditional Halwa Ceremony 2021

Ahead of Union budget, the traditional Halwa Ceremony 2021 was held at Union Finance Ministry headquarters at North Block in New Delhi. On this
Bajaj Auto Company

Rs 1 Lakh Crore Worth Bajaj Auto, World’s first 2-Wheeler Company

Bajaj quoted analysts claiming that a market capitalisation of over ₹ 1 lakh crore (approximately USD 13.6 billion) has not been achieved by any

Sucheta Dalal: Indian Business Journalist who investigated Harshad Mehta scam of 1992

Sucheta Dalal – The investigative journalist who dug deep into Harshad Mehta’s life as he sold financial dreams to the people of India. Her keen

Indian retail tech startup all set to launch “Go Store” via new investments

Arzooo, a Bengaluru-based retail tech startup, has raised an undisclosed amount from Silicon Valley’s venture capitalist, Bill Tai and Zoom

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