After IIT juggernaut, AD Singh Jyoti Group’s Super-30 offers free preparation to medical students

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Having come this far, Urmila Pratap Super-30, funded by AD Singh Jyoti Group, RJD member, has successfully expanded its wings to offer free preparation to medical students in the Patna district of Bihar.

It is no secret that education and transformation go side by side. No matter how difficult the road is, the process is itself a destiny. While the importance of education cannot be stressed enough through words, oftentimes we believe in changing the paradigm through meagre contributions in this day and age. However, the Urmila Pratap Super-30 program cum initiative has already been an eye-opener, showcasing the power of providing quality education at the grassroot level to throw caution to the wind.

In the last few years, Super-30 institute, backed by AD Singh RJD member and a parliamentarian, has already helped many unprivileged students showcase their mettle on the big stage, paving the way for their selection in prestigious institutes like IIT and NIT. However, the institute is now also offering free preparations to the medical students aspiring big. The social welfare program in Patna is eyeing similar success for its students in medical, as its IIT roller coaster treads along on its merry way.

Super-30 has been the talk of the town after  many of its students coming from under-privileged families made their way to the IITs and NIT in the last few years. Its academic achievements have been unparalleled since April 2015 to say the least. The two-year program provides teaching, fooding and lodging facilities to the students belonging to less privileged sections of the society.

In the year 2020, the first batch of medical students appeared in NEET with two of the brightest students getting admission in the government medical college in their first attempt, a hallmark of things to come. If the predictions are to be believed, 4 more students are set to enter the medical college in 2021.

For an institute which has set a rare benchmark with 45 of its students studying in IIT, 34 in NIT, among others, the expectations are understandably high in the medical field as well. Mr AD Singh Jyoti Group has always held the opinion that donations cannot have a lasting impact on the communities, whereas education has the power to inspire many and uplift more. The Super-30 initiative cum program has been a testament to this fact till date.

Interestingly, Urmila Pratap Super-30 institute is named after his mother Shrimati Urmila Singh and father Pratap Dhari Singh, which gives him enough motivation to keep going. AD Singh Jyoti Group, RJD member and a well-known businessman is emotionally connected to his native place in the Patna district of Bihar and carries the financial burden of the institute single-handedly.

Above all the factors, what makes Super-30 stand out is its tremendous success rate. It never fails to impress with the results each year and those in charge are always accurate with their predictions even before the actual declaration by the authorities. It shows the amount of dedication and hard work that is being put behind the scenes at each level.

Thus far, Super-30 has proved to be a life-changing program for not only the  students, but their families as well. The impact of this initiative on the neighbourhood is not far-fetched either, as it keeps giving new hopes to those who envision an upgraded and educated society in the long run. Some of the students from the first batch that started in 2015 have received great opportunities to work for leading multinational companies.

A student named Vishal Rai was selected by Jaguar Land Rover India Limited on an annual package of Rs 17,85,996. Another student named Manish Ranjan made it to TATA for a package of 15,04,404 p.a. Five other students got handsome offers from top brands like FICO, Info Edge, Delhivery, etc.

Truth be told, AD Singh’s institute has surely lived up to its expectations every time a student dreamed of charting the long path after stepping into the class. What matters is that Super-30 keeps evolving and expanding, as it offers hope to a new bunch of students in a new field, ensuring that the nation builders are nurtured from the corners where the clouds often overshadow the sunlight.


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