Athletes, Brands and Beyond – FWT Consulting

“How do you help athletes in bagging deals?” was our correspondent’s first question to Mr. Tarish Bhatt, Business Head of FWT Consulting.

“Ah, that’s a long story!” came the reply.

“To say we’ve been working for each of our clients since long before we actually start working for them wouldn’t be an exaggeration,” is what followed.

The relationships with decision-makers and key stakeholders of global cricket that FWT Consulting has been maintaining all these years will create opportunities for their ever-growing clientele. That too in galore, we’re sure.

Dealing with the who’s who of sports must come with a certain toll on creativity, especially looking at the magnitude of projects they’ve been handling. “We, at FWT Consulting, have always pushed ourselves into creating innovative marketing campaigns, while being all hearts about our mental well-being,” said co-founder of FWT Consulting, Ms. Kavita, with a smile. Mental well-being is important, after all. The corporate clientele is spread across Asia-Oceania and the Middle East. “We also have a stronghold in the UK & US and our clients are among the leading names in the sports and entertainment industries,” she added.

FWT Consulting’s specialisation in managing cricketers and broadcasters makes it the go-to entourage for brands like Nautilus Mobile, Sony Sports Network, Dream11, DreamSetGo, BBC Sports, and One Six Network. Known to bring the best fit for brands and talents alike, they are equally trusted by leading sportspersons like S. Badrinath, Lisa Sthalekar, Nooshin Al Khader and Tanmay Mishra.

“In a field like sports marketing, with ever-increasing players and new strategies being put every day, how do you manage to compete and bag the best?” was our last one for the conversation. “You see, we’ve got some sportsman spirit too!” comes a sharp reply from the man. The vibrance that FWT Consulting as a sports agency has, shows up in the campaigns that they create (and the replies they come up with.) “And in everything that we do, for that matter,” Mr. Tarish doesn’t forget to add subtly.

We agree with that bit. One can always see it, feel it and vouch for it!


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