The game-changer: New Media replaces the traditional, takes center-stage!

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a student, or a customer, if you don’t keep yourself in tune with the ever-expanding, fast-paced world, you are likely to perish into nothingness, or at least be left behind. Media is no different. With multiple news trending one day and dead the next, it’s crucial for people to adapt to the changing times, to evolve.

The society is too opinionated today; it wants to express its voice, it wants to be part of the game! People are no longer fulfilled merely by consuming everything that is served to them, without having the platform and the opportunity to make their own point. If a reader disagrees with the opinion expressed in a newspaper, he should be able to counter it real time. As things stand, this is a handicap for the newspapers.

Traditional media, especially the print media, has had a long run, with a history of over 100 years! So it’s not surprising that it is facing stiff challenge from its new-age version. Thanks to the real time online reporting of news and events, we are pre-informed through countless websites, and by the time it is printed for morning consumption, most of it is already stale.

There is more enthusiasm around interactive platforms, as is evident through the ever-growing popularity of the various social media tools. People are attracted to portals, rather than paper news, which allow them the chance to openly, and uninhibitedly express their views.

Whether it is ScoopWhoop, The Huffington Post, or The Voice of Nation, a refreshing wave has overtaken the traditional one. Designed to meet the demands of the new world, they offer innovative, shocking, and real time news and views.

The Voice of Nation is a true reflection of changing times. It is bold, shocking, and calls a spade a spade. With most websites offering more or less similar views, TVON is entirely different.

With ‘Third side of the coin’ being its driving principle, TVON’s sole objective is to collate hidden data, through research and analysis, and put it out for general consumption. Although TVON is relatively new, its reputation travelled faster than expected. Hindustan Times, a respected Indian daily, picked up on one of TVON’s articles and talked about its nature.

TVON’s news distribution is similar to the print media concept. It delivers customized news exclusively and directly into a consumer’s email account, whatsapp, Facebook profile, Twitter page and Reddit etc. This is in sharp contrast to the other online versions of traditional media, which only allows access to news.

Purely mobile/ online media is the new rage because it is a two-way street. Relatively fresh platform like The Huffington Post of the United States gained immense popularity in no time. It was eventually sold for approximately 300 million dollars in comparison to much bigger names like Washington Times sold for 250 million dollars.

TVON is founded and operated by a bunch IIT techies, based in the Silicon Valley, who made their big bucks in the dotcom boom. The American trend is now shifting to India. The new media business has entrants from traditional media companies, political and corporate outfits, as well as the techies running the show. As data shows, a techie-run new media outfit has a better chance of success.

TVON enjoys global viewership in over 36 countries, constituting around 27 lakh readers. Its love for the third angle and support for debates is engaging an increasing number of readers.


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