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Uflex felicitated for its innovative products at AIMCAL Annual Technology Competition

Uflex ltd, India’s largest flexible packaging solution company was honored at The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) for two of its innovative products. The awards were conferred during the Management Meeting of AIMCAL in South Carolina, US on 20TH March. It is yet another benchmark of excellence established by the company. The innovation to create value-added differentiation is at the core of company’s business strategy.  The products included VIMAL pouch laminate under the Non-Food Technical Category and Kohinoor Anti-Slip Bag for premium rice packaging under the Technical Excellence Category.

The Vimal pouch laminate is a multi-ply structure of reverse printed BOPET Film/Paper/Heat-seal coating used for packaging a saffron-blended mouth-freshener.  The incorporated hologram that marks 25 years of the product is the USP of this laminate. It is a clear indication of overt authentication and anti-counterfeiting device in a business having rampant duplication and counterfeiting.  A special proprietary process is used to create the hologram and transfer it to the surface of the printed laminate in register with the print design.

Kohinoor Anti-Slip Bag is used in the bulk retail packaging of premium rice (5 kilogram and more).  The anti-slip device that prevents the bags from slipping over each other and off the stack when piled one over the other for unitizing, is the unique feature of this bag.

Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, chairman & managing director, Uflex Limited said: “In today’s competitive slugfest, only those who can deliver innovation at every stroke will be able to survive. Not only is it imperative to innovate but also to create progressively incremental, tangible and quantifiable value to the business of clients is what takes a brand to the next level. With the best in class technology at our disposal and some of the sharpest brains that understand packaging inside-out Uflex will continue to delight its clientele globally. The AIMCAL awards further inspire us to render flexible packaging solutions that are even better than before.”

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