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How India Celebrates Rakhi

In great historical fashion, every year, brothers and sisters come together to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with friends, family, and of course – food. And in every celebration, Haldiram’s sweet and namkeens grace the tables and plates of all family members young and old.

And don’t worry about feeding such a large party – Haldiram’s will always be there for you! Cater your celebrations with some crunchy namkeens, papad and chiwdas for guests to snack on and indulge their sweet tooth with magical sweets, barfis and laddus.

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most awaited festivals in the Hindu calendar, and falls every year in the month of Shravan. This festival has been a part of our culture for centuries, and has roots in the Vedas. This festival celebrates and strengthens the bonds between a brother and sister. Historically, this festival can be found in many narratives and avatars.

One of the most significant legends that show us how this tradition was first started. This is the story of Rani Karnavati of Chittor and Emperor Humayun. When Rani Karnawati’s kingdom was under threat from the Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah, she sent a message to Emperor Humayun along with a sacred Rakhi – asking for his protection. Emperor Humayun was so touched by this gesture that he dispatched his army to protect her kingdom, and swore to keep her safe always.

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Rakhi Festival this year?Look no further – Haldiram’s has the perfect ideas for you that will help you cherish your sibling love, just like you used to as a kid!

Bachpanke Traditions
Start off your Rakhi celebration with a purifying bath just like Mummy used to tell you! Sisters will prepare the sweets, rakhi and puja thali in time for an auspicious moment. They perform an aarti of their brother, applying kumkum on the forhead and tying the rakhi. The brothers will then gift their sister with a present to show their love. No ritual is complete without something sweet! Feed each other some sweet laddus or barfis by Haldiram’s and let the celebrations begin!

Bhaiyya Ke saath Special Date
Shaadikebaad a behena rarely has the time to spend with her beloved bhaiyya. Hence it’s time for you to go out with your bhaiyya/behena on a special date. Celebrate the day of sibling love by spending quality time with that person who makes your life happier. You could go out for a nice dinner, a movie or even something new and exciting like a bowling alley, painting class or food festival.

Show your Love with Pictures
It is the age of selfies, and every brother and sister has a huge collection of photos and selfies with each other from childhood to present day. Make a collage of all your favourite pictures together and gift it to your beloved bro/sis. This way you can bond, laugh and take a walk down memory lane as you look at the pictures together and remember all the fun times you have had!

Khulke bolo Cheeeese
Make new memories for your Facebook album! A themed photo shoot is the perfect idea to let every sibling shine!You could dress up as Harry Potter Characters, or pick a colour for the theme – like Radiant Red, Think Pink, Brothers in Blue. What’s more you can include all your cousins too and make it a huge group photo shoot that you will love to look at for years to come!

Bachpanke Memories
Remember the childhood days when your parents would take you on a road trip to the hill stations, and you and your siblings would play hide and seek, or antakshari while munching on Tasty Nuts or Aloo Bhujjiya! Recreate those memories, go on a family trip again and pack your favourite snacks with you – just like your mom used to!

Abhi toh party shuru hui hai!
Invite your entire family over for this auspicious celebration – because Raksha Bandhan is the perfect time to throw the party of the year! Invite all your uncles, aunts, cousins and friends – so that everyone can celebrate the joy of brotherly/sisterly love. Ask your most music-crazy sibling or cousin to play as the DJ and sing, dance and munch on snacks and have fun till the break of dawn!

So start your celebrations with lots of excitement because when you celebrate with Haldiram’s, the fun never ends!

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