Artemis Hospital sets example, offers free treatment to Hyderabad kid who bleeds from her eyes

A leading healthcare center in Gurgaon, Artemis Hospital has offered to provide free medical treatment to the Hyderabad toddler who bleeds profusely from her eyes, mouth, ears and nose. Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon is the first hospital that has stepped forward to help the little girl ever since the case was brought into the limelight by the media.

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The curious case of Hyderabad three-year-old Ahana Afzal, has caught the attention of people from all over the country. The girl bleeds everyday despite no wounds on her body. Losing so much blood has left the girl exhausted and unable to carry on with daily functions of life. What started as a little blood oozing out of her nose due to pneumonia has turned into abnormal bleeding from the child’s eyes, mouth, ears and nose. The child used to attend school till two months ago, but was forced to stay at home later due to the severe turn her disease took.

The kid’s parents, Nazima Begum and Mohammed Afzal, find themselves helpless as they have failed to get any doctor to find the exact cause of their daughter’s condition, in spite of having shelled out a huge sum of money for her treatment. They have now resorted to crowd-funding through social media to seek financial help for their daughter.

According to Dr Shashidhar, ENT expert at Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, it is highly probable that Ahana might be suffering from rare medical conditions like haemolacria or haemotodrosis. With two similar successful cases, the expert medic is keen on taking up his third case.

The first instance of a child sweating and crying blood that Dr Shashidhar came across was Dharambir, a fifteen-year-old boy from Palwal, Haryana. The boy was shunned by his village as the villagers thought him to be possessed by evil spirits. Clueless about the child’s condition, his family kept looking for a cure and finally reached Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon after two years in 2011. Dr Shashidhar found that the boy was suffering from haemolacria and treated him. The second case for this rare disorder that Dr Shashidhar took up was a 15-year-old girl from Delhi, Preeti Gupta. The girl had been bleeding from eyes, nose and ears from five years till she was diagnosed with haemolacria and was treated at Artemis Hospital.

After successfully treating two patients with this rare condition, Artemis Hospital is really looking forward to treat a third case of this kind.



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