Bangladesh Online: an imminent aspect of all Internet Solutions

Internet is the only source through which the whole world is connected and can reach anyone at any time and keeping the same thing in mind, The IT division of Bangladesh Export Import Co. Ltd. (BEXIMCO) launched its exclusive Internet & Data Communication Services by the name of Bangladesh Online (BOL) in 1998 in Bangladesh, to enable users to have sBangladesh Onlinemooth access on internet without facing any discrepancies.

BEXIMCO requires no introduction as it is a group that has spread its wings of excellence across almost all sectors and is one of the most diversified industrial conglomerates in Bangladesh. The group has ceramics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, jute, aviation, media, finance, real estate, construction, information technology and energy as its leading businesses.

The whole staff at BOL, be it senior management or employees or workers or trainees at lower end, everyone is dedicated towards improvisation of services at each step. The company aims to provide fastest information as rapidly as possible, which is cost-effective, supporting every customer round the clock and within the reach of each individual which eventually gives BOL a competitive edge over other prevalent service providers of the industry.
The company beholds strong technical strengths including backup facilities through multiple IIGs, ITC, and VSAT, Protected PoP connectivity through ring network, Multipath intercity connectivity, Traffic optimization and the list is endless. The Network Monitoring Systems comprises of Nagios, SolarWinds Orion, WhatsUpGold, Smokeping, MRTG and Cacti.

BEXIMCO follows value-oriented approach where 100% satisfaction of the clientele is worshipped and high performance, respect, spirit, collaboration and people development is the code of conduct ensuring work environment to foster.


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