2019: What the year has in store for you? Predictions by Sundeep Kochar, world renowned celebrity astrologer

2019 in many ways will be a very exciting year for India. For a start, 2019 will witness Cricket World Cup, the God of sports for Indians. The year will be an election year and may as well be a watershed year for Indian political course. These two events will mainly keep many Indians on tender hooks. And rightly so, the planets are aligning to witness an exciting phase.

Jupiter, which moved to the house of Scorpio, 8th house from kal purusha will signify sudden or mega events, but this will bring a positive change.  Jupiter was an unfriendly sign of Libra but was still able to yield very good results to some of the zodiacs as it entered the house lord of Venus and the house where Saturn is exalted.

Saturn is currently residing in the house of Sagittarius. Hence the combination created unique opportunities and must have brought positivity in the lives of many people. One could see and witness many celebrity marriages in India. Saturn staying in the house of Jupiter for next one year represents Jupiter’s domination over the impact and events.

Rahu, the other planet will move in March 2019 to the house of Mercury and will be at his best in that house. It will transit from current Cancer to Gemini, where it will be masquerading the illusion to its best and being in airy planet, will be best in wandering phase. This means we will have events that are going to be hyped and people will get involved in this hype. Certainly, both world cup and elections signify that.

Further, Rahu will impact Sagittarius, creating mental disturbance and pain to many. The World Cup will create Heroes and Zeros and heartbreaks and joy to many and likewise the elections will bear similar result. Lastly, Saturn has been in the house of Sagittarius and though it is not in its natural house, it still will give measured results based on the actions and deeds. This itself may lead to a conflict as House Lord Jupiter will be best in this house but Saturn will try to do justice in whatever way it can by giving maximum pain to those who have not learnt the lesson.

Those not following the path of Dharma, Saturn will just stay calm and steady. This is the house where Mars is very happy to be placed and where the desires are activated. It is also one of the houses where Saturn is least happy. Mars and Saturn are not best of friends. Interestingly, Jupiter and Mars are best of friends and Mars stands for desire and aggressively pursues his desire.

Jupiter, the Deva Guru will support his friend’s desire by giving the right wisdom. Saturn, which does not like any short cuts will try to control Mars, while the latter keeps chasing the dream.

Hence, this year will be a year of transformation, a year to get away from illusions. One needs to work hard, as the year can see windfall of gains and losses.  The Supreme Almighty   has already designed systems in such a way that we can just realise that at every step if we seek his guidance, positive events will happen and our deeds will give us results.

Yet, many fall for the traps of remedies. I again say that remedies will always just give one more form of discipline to keep focusing on God. God is eternal and only he has the power to change the destiny, but he is so great that people who strive and work hard will always be rewarded.

It is good to understand His greatness through the stars and for people of various zodiacs. While this write up is more generic in nature and is based on moon sign for each zodiac, for specifics, it is good to contact top astrologer in India to understand what stores for each person for the next one year.

Aries – You are going to see creative and courageous transformation: Are you up for it?

People born in this zodiac will see increase in desire and energy to do greater things. Coming March you will be obsessed to reach even greater heights. This may all lead to greater success but illusory world when you put wrong steps can create havoc. This is the year you should take full advice from elders/teachers and parents. Your father is your source of strength and his ideals should guide you to the best of phase.

The first half will be focused on the home front addressing many of its challenges. For those who are planning to buy real estate or vehicles, you may do in the first year. The first half will also see people focusing energy on learning, be it at work or life. The second half will give impetus to take bold decisions and can place you in brute illusion. It really will impact ones’ mind and the challenge will be to take the right decision. People born in this zodiac will see sudden growth or losses and based on their actions the results will follow. All is not gloom as Jupiter will help you protect your losses significantly.

Your obsession for buying a home, new cars, etc, will just gain and even if you own these things you will still yearn for better things. By last quarter you may even indulge in gambling to achieve faster gains.

Seek guidance from your father and elders, though you prefer to seek knowledge from divine self directly. Meditation, prayers and religious travel are preferred to support your transformational journey this year.

Taurus –Romance and Marriage is written all over if you avoid being a Casanova!!!!!!

Romance is all over you and you will be head over heels glowing with love. You will be love struck and your partner will have a hard time to keep up with your emotions. The first half for those who are single will take bold decisions to go and seek a partner. For those who are married will focus on building your bond with your spouse. The second half will be truly exciting and can even witness sudden marriages. For some it may even be unconventional marriages. Are you listening?

The year will also keep you emotionally charged up and it is good to divert your attention to your partner and not spreading your love and romance to many. It may look rosy from the onset and the excitement will be too good to ignore, but the illusion can just fade away and when it does, you will be in for big beating. The decision is in your hands to take some wise decisions. Be calm,  relaxed and meditate. For personal interpretations log on to

Try to keep a check on your health-related matters especially related to eyes. Old ailments may resurface though most of them may not be life threatening, it is still worth to keep a check and lead a healthy life style.

You will see lot of sudden events in your family and those in family business will see a lot of events that can propel to great success. People in entertainment business like music, arts will see good growth in career.

Gemini – People who manage turbulence will come out much successful or else get ready for a roller coaster ride this year.

The first half of the year looks still good and those who are single will try to get married or plan to start a relationship. It is best to lie low on the relationship as your partner will fail to understand your intentions. You will be too emotional this year and with your natural airy mindset, you will come out as a romantic playboy with no aim or sincerity in love and relationship.

On work front beware of your colleagues and as old saying says ‘It is good to be close with friends but closer to your enemies’. This is the year where you will see lot of smearing on you. People who follow right path will eventually come out unscathed.

People in the field of communication, sales and marketing, travel and tourism will do good or find a lot of interesting challenges thrown at them and those who do well will see very good results.

Take care of your health as its old ailments may surface and you will find it hard to manage and keep it under control. Try not take risky investments and speculative business as the chances of failures are high especially when you tend to gamble or take excessive risk.

Meditate and focus on goals, thoughts and channel your energy in positive ideas and put them in action. This is the time for your higher goal seeking, learning and making it best to your way. The last quarter may be fetching interesting and mixed results but overall an interesting year awaits you.

Cancer – Focus on children, family and education and avoid gambling and risky investments.

You will fall in love easily and may even get married but try to take a balanced view on your relationship. You just do not want to choose a wrong partner because of impulsive emotional decisions that you can make.

For those who want to study further, it is a good time to consider upgrading your skills. Your enemies will try to come and take you with all guns blazing and you will surely knock them out with ease. So, do not worry on those fronts but your downfall will be when you tend to speculate or enter risky investments or matters pertaining to legal matters. You have a very high chance of failure and should be very careful before signing any document.

Your health issues may be masked, and you should pay due attention to your health matters. This is the year you will go to doctor and try to take care of your health. It is good to be proactive and manage your health, keeping yourself fit but just do not overdo it. Your love life will be exciting. The second half will push you towards more speculative mindset and that is where you need your partner support to tide over the phase. Overall, 2019 should be decent year and you will slowly start planning for your future take off.

Leo – Speculate you make big and speculate you will be in for hard lessons: Oh, what a Dilemma?

You may fall in love hopelessly and for those who are single have high chance of getting a partner by the end of the year. Spend time with your partner and for those in marriage, this year will be great on home front. You will see your family; your spouse is fully supportive of you. Your children will be source of joy and you will see they are doing well this year.

For those who want to take risk (be in work, business or any investments) trust your instinct and work sincerely towards the goal and you will get very good results. However, for those who want to take short cut will really see good life lessons as Saturn will ensure and control your illusionary approach.

Likewise, those who want to gamble and speculate with other genders feelings will face good music and may even get defamed.

Losses are expected in financial investments in late quarter of the year, but it will not be too big a loss to put you off balance. Overall a positive year for you!

 Virgo – Get ready for an explosive growth

This year is a golden year and you should take full advantage of the complete year. Additionally, this year, you will feel bold and strong to take tough decisions. So, it is a good time to take risks to move forward. Your family and home front will be good, and you will find a lot of support from them.

The year will also be good for your siblings, who will look up to you for direction. Give them enough support so that they can also progress equally well.

If you want to buy a new home or vehicle, the second half of the year will be even better. For traders, businessmen, businesswomen, or even office-goers, you will see some a sudden jump in your career, especially in second half of the year. You will be healthy, and wealth will flow from all the directions. Your wife may also earn good for you. For those in legal profession, accounting or finance industry, you will do even better. For those, who want to make the best of this time, try to consult a local good astrologer or talk to

 Libra – Very interesting year and depends on how you see it

This year will be interesting, and it will give mixed results for people born of this zodiac. The events will again depend on your time and total birth charts, and it is good to meet an astrologer to consult more in detail.

The year will be interesting on many fronts. For those who are spiritually guided, it will be enriching as you will experience enriching spiritual experience and journey. Those who are not spiritually inclined, will find solace from taking advice from elders, especially from father. You will tend to break the order which is not in your nature, and hence there will be a conflict.

You would like to focus on family and work, but will be able to focus only on one aspect, and it will be frustrating because you will see success in both the areas. Though you can focus on both the fronts, if needed, but it will drain your energy,as both fronts will give you positive results, and you will just be gasping for energy to push harder. Those who are in debt will try to reduce your debt, and those who are doing well will increase their bank balances significantly. This is the year, where you will find short trips and most of the trips may be work related or pleasure.

Scorpio: A year of Transformation to unleash and find your true hidden potential

The first half of the year will be towards understanding your true strength and knowing yourself. Be careful with extravagant expenditures, as it may put you in severe financial strain. Try not to take legal matters in your had and fight it out. It is better to avoid any investments, partnership that involves risky legal matters. In the second half, you will witness a strong growth or sudden explosion on gains.

You should focus on your family front during the first half of the year. You need to give attention to your family’s wealth and ensure it does not squander away. You will be spending a lot of time and resources to build burnt bridges and in many ways. You will also find the true meaning of love and relationship by the end of the year.

Foreign travel is on cards for those seeking for higher learning or better career growth. You will make more money overseas this year than at your home front. In many cases, you may even move overseas and position outside your home place.

Work wise, you will face some minor hurdles, but you will be on top of most of the work and may even see sudden growth in your career during the second half of the career. The effects of Saturn will still be in last phase and will give you its final impact. Depending on your other planetary placements, the results will vary.

Sagittarius – Keep your spouse/partner happy and you will be in for a surprise.

People,who follow the footsteps of Lord Krishna will be successful and emulate his way of handling situations, relationship and challenges. Your spouse will be moody and can create problems, but if you can create right message and bring it in your confidence, you will see the best support from your spouse.

Likewise, if you can paint right business strategy and show your sincerity, you will see lot of thrust and investment coming from your business partners to take you to explosive growth. If you play your cards bad, then you are in time for maiming your energy in firefighting problems, and waste your golden opportunity to success.

People born in this sign will be under the influence of Sade sati (Saturn impacting its full 7/12 years). This is generally seen as an inconvenient time, and people are generally worried and concerned with many getting conned by many quake naysayers. However, ignore and work towards growth and you can see good results. However, if you chose to lie low, it is also good if you don’t indulge or trouble your spouse and business partners. You better of stay grounded if you lack diplomacy skills.

Those who plan to get married may find a suitable partner and the marriage will last long or has all the qualities of finding fruitful and long-lasting partner. So, if you want to become Lord Krishna, and achieve good success, or play spoiler and enjoy creating troubles for yourself, depends on you. To understand further you can always consult for specifics.

Capricorn – Just be in Autopilot mode. The work you have done will give you rewards if you keep focusing on the work

The impact of 7 years Saturn transit will start coming very soon and you should get geared up for it. Saturn will teach you the lessons in life, and those who are spiritually inclined or with noble thoughts will have little trouble in adjusting to the impact of Saturn.

Those who have put extra mile in their career will see success in all aspects. Your finances will improve significantly. You will overcome your detractors and face your adversaries strongly. You will see a lot of support from your siblings, and they will be of good help when you need them. You will also see good luck on your family business, and overall a good time to be in.

The second half of the year will help you get closer to your spouse and may even take you for long vacation. Even if you are hit with legal matters, you will surely come out of it successfully. By the end of the first half, things will become more prominent and it is good to take professional advice before entering in any legal matters. Overall a good year and steady year that will keep you happy and content with no major challenges.

Aquarius: You are the pied piper, pipe the music through your veins and let the words dance to your tunes.

You will see romance and love flowing through you, and the beauty is that you will be able to express the same feeling with multiple force to your partner. For those who are single, you can really mesmerize your partner and they will be smitten with you.

For those in career, this is time to impress your superiors with your passion, intelligence and admirative ability and it will be noticed with people of opposite sex and spirituality and occult science. You will have chance to travel overseas for higher learning or work, and your relationship with your spouse and father will turn better.

Your financial situation will be good, and you will enjoy a lot of success and financial growth. Aquarians in creative fields flourish. Creative skills enhance your dimensions and open new doors. Health problems may get the better of you during the first quarter.

You will be blessed with fortune of children if you are married or those who are single will find a partner. This is time you will also develop interest in speculative trading and investments. Try to avoid risky gambling, as it may addict you because of illusion of getting success easily.

 Pisces: You will grow professionally and will become wiser, but you will need work more on home front to gain support from your family members.

The year will give good result on your career that was bit of floundering and will take concrete shape. You will be able to see some concrete results. You will also see success in spiritual growth and will find more inclined to spatiality and higher learning. Your father will be constant source of guidance.

You need to spend more time on your home and convince your vision and become a good sales man to win their support. Their will be apprehensive of your direction and activity, and as they see your success, they will slowly start supporting you. But, till that you should become a good CEO to sell your vision.

Your health may be a cause of concern and it is good to stay active. It is better to delay purchasing new house or vehicle, atleast during the second half of the year. Overall a very good year from a career point of view.

Sundeep Kochar is a celebrity astrologer. He can be reached at

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