Chandigarh University Under Fire for Financial Exploitation of Students

Sahaj Desai

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In a troubling turn of events, students of Chandigarh University are stepping forward to shine a light on what they describe as a persistent culture of harassment and financial exploitation within the institution. Their grievances extend from exorbitant fees and pandemic-related financial demands to the absence of essential facilities and alleged threats regarding exams, painting a stark picture of their academic experience.

Financial Exploitation: Pandemic Pressures and Celebrities over Concerns

Students allege that Chandigarh University, despite the economic strain caused by the pandemic, not only maintained high fees but also demanded payments during a time of unprecedented crisis. The students express frustration, claiming that the university seems more concerned about its celebrity endorsements than the actual well-being of those on campus.

One student, echoing the sentiments of many, states, “Chandigarh University is forcing students to pay fees and they are threatening students that they will block their portals and not allow them to sit in exams. Please raise your voice.”

Another said “We are getting depressed and having anxiety issues so what about mental health and what about our career. Chandigarh University thinks only about fees. #openCU University is organizing diff events without covid protocols that is fine but opening University is not fine.”

Late Fees Menace: A Financial Burden on Struggling Students

Adding to the financial strain, students voice their concerns about the imposition of hefty late fees. Many claim that these fees are disproportionate and create an additional burden for those already struggling to make ends meet. The alleged lack of flexibility in fee payments during challenging times further amplifies the students’ frustration.

Infrastructure Woes: Inadequate Labs, Water, and Electricity Facilities

Beyond financial matters, students lament the inadequate infrastructure at Chandigarh University. They report a lack of proper laboratory facilities, unreliable water supply, and frequent electricity disruptions, hindering their academic progress. The gap between the promised amenities and the ground reality becomes a source of discontent for those grappling with substandard facilities.

Exam Threats: Alleged Coercion Tactics Over Fees

Perhaps the most alarming claim is that of threats allegedly issued by the university regarding exams. Students contend that they are coerced into paying fees under the threat of being barred from sitting in examinations. This purported strong-arm tactic not only raises ethical concerns but also places additional pressure on students already navigating a challenging academic environment.

As the accusations against Chandigarh University continue to circulate, the institution is at a critical juncture. The onus is now on the university’s management to address the specific concerns raised by the students, engage in transparent dialogue, and take concrete actions to rectify the alleged issues.

The current situation at Chandigarh University underscores the critical need for higher education institutions to prioritize the well-being of their students. Financial pressures, inadequate facilities, and alleged coercive tactics create an environment that is antithetical to the fostering of academic success and personal growth.

As the voices of students echo through social media, it becomes evident that they are not merely protesting isolated incidents but advocating for a broader change in the university’s approach. The coming days will reveal whether Chandigarh University responds with the empathy and action needed to rebuild trust and ensure a more student-centric and supportive educational environment.


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