Looking for a remote job? Join CAI to earn a decent income from the comfort of your home

Sunny Singh

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Work from home jobs are attracting individuals who aim to earn while following their passion and giving adequate time to their families. Today, many young professionals prefer to work from the comfort of their homes instead of wasting time in commuting and working in a noisy corporate space.

In India, the trend is catching up faster than most of the pundits had predicted. A number of businesses operate online nowadays, providing different work from home opportunities to the youth. One such company is Connecting All India (CAI). The Ahmedabad-based company is offering a number of remote jobs through its membership plans. It is an organization that provides a platform in the marketplace for various organizations to connect with them, and meet their requirements of buying and selling databases, both directly and securely.

For employees, the company has three membership plans that include basic membership, plus membership and platinum membership offered for a duration of 6 months. An employee gets a target of generating one lead per day, with each lead amounting to the pay rate of Rs 300 per lead under the basic membership plan. An employee can earn around Rs 9,000 per month under this plan, apart from the reference bonus of Rs 300 for every lead that joins CAI in its work.

On the other hand, the plus membership plan offers a pay rate of Rs 400 per lead with the work target of 2 leads per day. A member can earn around Rs 24,000 per month, apart from the reference bonus of Rs 400 for every successful joining of a lead. This plan is best suited for those employees who intend to work full-time with the company.

The third membership plan offered by CAI is platinum membership plan. The pay rate of this plan is fixed at Rs 500 per lead, amounting to Rs 45,000 per month. The target for this plan is three leads per day. Under this plan, a member can earn Rs 500 from the reference bonus. This plan is also suited for those employees who aim to work full-time or earn as much as possible.

A number of young professionals are already working with Connecting All India, and earning a handsome amount, while working at their own schedules. It is one of the leading work from home job providers in Ahmedabad. The company is continuously hiring candidates to increase the workforce. CAI is the best option for students, home-makers, retired persons or even full-time workers, who can join the company anytime by visiting their website www.connectingallindia.com.

It’s time to say no to the monotonous schedules and embrace the flexible work from home jobs to earn any time, from anywhere.




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