Madhya Pradesh : Great news from the center of India

I came across this fantastic article on the business standard just the other day about Madhya Pradesh, India. The article spoke about the gallant efforts of their Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on uplifting brilliant students from poorer sections of the society. To further uplift their spirits, he also taught in classrooms, distributed books and donated tricycles along with asking the collector to take care of a financially backward child.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

Since Pune is an educational hub, I would really like it if most of these students avail the services of a Creative Academy Pune for their educational purposes. As Pune already has the culture of fantastic teachers and an environment for positive education, a creative academy of such a nature would be extremely helpful for the students and also a challenging and exciting task for teachers. These academies can be in conjunction with colleges providing a dynamic study atmosphere for a student hailing from there.

As a country, we have always been into a lot of regionalism. If the country has to progress, we need to break these barriers and accept people coming from every state to be fellow countrymen. Luckily, I am also affiliated to such an academy. At Naushad Shaikh creative Academy, we teach young people exactly this along with nurturing and closely observing their progress in the field of their desired education.  Apparently, reading this article has made my day today, and I wished I was in the position of rewarding children in the manner in which the chief minister did along with other dignitaries. But, my academy will more than make up for it for sure.


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