Haida HR is employing foreign teachers to inculcate global culture among Chinese students

foreign employment in chinaAs globalisation is shortening distances, it’s important to shape the children in a culturally unbound environment. Haida HR, a Hangzhou-based Chinese recruitment company, is playing on the same field.

Haida HR ropes in foreign teachers from different cultural backgrounds to teach the children of China a variety of subjects, with a special focus on English. These teachers are TEFL-trained and are provided with a comfortable integration into the Chinese life.

Cultural exchange programs are short, but very helpful in social studies and teaching children about other cultures firsthand. A longer and more stable version to do the same is to employ foreign teachers, which Haida HR China is doing.

The children are exposed to the outside world, the difficulties other cultures face, the peculiarities of their celebrations and rituals. For example, an Indian teacher might introduce Yoga to the young children, which will promote them to live life healthily. Similarly, a teacher from England will teach them impeccable English.

“Listening children interact with each other and their families have changed the way I see them. Yes, they speak English, but when they speak it, they speak in beautiful, rich sentences with unique oriental expressions,” explains an English teacher from Haida HR. She is proud of her 4thgrade students who show impressive scores on online Spelling Bee tests.

Introduction to the global culture helps the students become more confident. It will make them comfortable if tomorrow they decide to go for overseas education or seek employment abroad. It will broaden their comfort zone as a lot of students feel petrified in a new environment.

Cross-cultural skills are needed in the new age of industrialisation and globalisation. Companies in different industries work with clients and partners around the globe. Workplaces are also being diversified as we have bested racism and apartheid.

In the end, such recruitment programs prove that mankind wishes to move towards world peace. Educational institutes across the world need to accentuate their exchange programs of not students, but teachers.

More recruitment companies like Haida HR are needed in order to connect the children early with the fast-paced globalisation.

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3 Comments on Haida HR is employing foreign teachers to inculcate global culture among Chinese students

  1. devin christ // December 18, 2017 at 1:05 pm // Reply

    Teaching in China is one of the best things in my life. Such an amazing country with very kind people. With the help of Haida HR I’ve been able to get through various governmental processes. Even the orientation helped to understand the Chinese culture better.

  2. It’s good that the Chinese children are being exposed to foreign culture. However, I hope they don’t forget their own values. It’s the Chinese values that makes people of Chinese descent successful in countries like USA and UK. Look at how hard they work, because they’ve been taught by their mothers and fathers to work hard and be true to your role in the society.

  3. One of my pal is recruited through organisation. He is doing well and has easily adapted the culture.


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