Jaipur Pink Panthers won by 5 points at JECRC

Abhishek Bachchan's Jaipur Pink Panthers at JECRC with Vice Chairman Amit Agarwal and Arpit AgarwalAbhishek Bachchan’s Jaipur Pink Panthers won by 5 points from JECRC students while the Pro-Kabaddi team was on the promotional visit on the Jaipur engineering college and research centre. Vice Chairman of JECRC, Amit Agarwal felicitated Junior B with garlands of flowers.

In order to promote Pro-Kabaddi League and his Jaipur Pink Panthers, Abhishek Bachchan visited the campus of JECRC where he encouraged the young aspirants to relate and connect with sports as it plays a crucial role in the development of an individual’s personality. He said, “Kabaddi is a game which belongs to Indian roots. We wanted to encourage the games associated with our culture and traditions and participate in others’ games side by side and that ideology gave birth to Pro Kabaddi League.

On February 19th, the Jaipurian team took the challenge of JECRC students and played a match of kabaddi with college students. The professional team won the friendly match by 5 points. Abhishek Bachchan stepped down on the Kabaddi field for the first time since his team came in inception. The zeal and enthusiasm shown by young ones during the event boosted Pink Panther’s confidence and Abhishek Bachchan mentioned that his team cannot lose while they have such supportive fans and their blessings.

On such overwhelming occasion, the Vice Chairman of JECRC, Amit Agarwal said, “We have a young battalion of future sports personalities and their zeal is a promise of bright India. We are thankful to Mr. Bachchan and his Pink Panthers, actually OUR Pink Panthers, who came to JECRC and spread mindfulness among our students.”

Abhishek Bachchan and his team met the education enthusiasts of ‘Zarurat’, who were rewarded with Pink Panthers T-shirts for encouraging and promoting ‘education for all’ in the society.


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