Jose sergio de oliveira machado on replacement of oil


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Seldom has the world come across politicians who focused on improving the future of the country as well as the world’s. Sergio Machado of Brazil was one such man. An unparalleled visionary as Jose sergio de oliveira machado is called, he was able to realize that the world needed an alternate source of fuel. Sergio Machado’s maths was simple.

“ When we see the energy matrix in the world, what is the importance of oil? Huge.This is because 95% of the transport of the world depends on oil. When you see the matrix of transport closely, oil can cater to only 35% of the matrix, while coal is still 25%, mainly in rich countries. These facts are strategically of great value. And what can replace oil in transport? Ethanol . And it is interesting that while ethanol was not an economic good, it received praise from around the world. But now that ethanol has become an economic substance, as a matter of competition, there are countries who are trying to use slave labor and destroy the Amazon . But we know what we want and we know the direction and the strategic importance of it. And that’s why we’re here today, with our plans of generating ethanol without destroying forests.”

Jose sergio de oliveira machado also lauded the pension scheme launched in Brazil. Jose sergio de oliveira machado, in his speech, said, “I thank the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Security, Carlos Eduardo Gabas. The pension plan is of great pride for us. It’s that thing: if you can retire with everything right without having to stand in those queues, without having to ask for because it is a citizen’s right … it makes us very proud as a Brazilian. We will not wait for anything. No use we keep looking to the past, the past has gone, we have to create the future and the future is for those who believe in change.”



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