Journey of Sahara Force India, from Sutil to Perez


With the 66th season of Formula One approaching next door, the glorious and unbeaten ones are oiling their engines and pumping their tyres, working on their winning speeds and speeches altogether. In this serendipity of race, passion, drive, cheers, laps, time, brand and speed, one team that is about to complete a decade and attract a particular segment of fans in a short span of time, is India’s Sahara Force team.


The Sahara Force India Mercedes team has gathered quite a recognition since its establishment in 2007 that even after winning not even a single race, the team that has got the support of Subrata Roy and Vijay Mallya, is being seen as tough competition by the leading race champions.

If Sahara Force India is not a champion, it cannot be categorized as an underdog either and calling it an average battalion, would be a huge mistake on the interpreter’s part. The journey of the Indian F1 racing team has been a tremendous evolution story, from Adrian Sutil to Sergio Pérez Mendoza, who respectively initiated and proceeding with their choices.

One of the loyal fans of Sahara Force India, Prasoon Joshi depicted the story of F1 from his perspective. “When I was in my teens, I used to get stuck on my TV Screen for hours while watching a live race and then watching its replay on my PC. That was the time when I was the only one talking about F1 in my class and today is the time, when my office colleagues are all set to take an off, just to get a glimpse of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel on TV. The difference in both times and favouritism that the sport got, is remarkable. And India’s entry in Formula One racing raised my expectations a lot because, at the end of the day, you are an optimistic and hopeful Indian.”

The journey of Sahara Force India team seems like getting inspired from Sahara India Pariwar, which established itself and outshined amongst all the odds. Now, it’s to be seen, whether the Indian F1 team would live up to its people’s expectations or exceed it. Only time will tell!


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