Paramjit Arora’s Health Biotech Revolutionising the Drug Delivery Field

Medicines can be taken in various ways, like inhaling, swallowing, or injecting into the body. But for the drug to produce its targeted therapeutic effect, it needs to come in contact with the tissues of the cells. This largely depends on the administration of that drug. The route by which the drug is administered directly affects the bioavailability, which determines and regulates the start and duration of the pharmacological effect. Therefore, improving the currently functional delivery methods and developing new ones is essential for strengthening the use of existing medicines. The conventional drug delivery system causes immediate release of the drug that causes the plasma drug levels to fluctuate. Therefore to maintain the concentration of drugs within the therapeutical window, novel drug delivery systems have been developed to minimize undesired effects and maximize therapeutic benefits. A novel drug delivery system is an approach that combines innovative development, formulations, and new technologies. It includes scientific site targeting within the body, improves drug potency, and controls drug release with prolonged pharmacological effects. Paramjit Arora’s Health Biotech is one of the leading pharma manufacturers developing various drug delivery and targeting systems to improve efficacy and safety profiles.

Health Biotech drives the healthcare sector forward by creating an expansive portfolio of product capabilities, technologies, and global healthcare expertise. Two important drug delivery technologies currently at Health Biotech are Nanoparticle-based and Liposomal formulation. Liposomes act as an apt delivery system because of their flexible biophysical and physiochemical properties, which allow easy manipulation to address different delivery targets. The clinical translation of liposome-assisted drug delivery platforms has progressed incrementally over the years. On the other hand, Nanoparticles are used as a targeted delivery system for small and large molecules by changing their pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties. In addition, nanoparticles are used to increase stability against degradation through enzymes, to see drug effects in the target tissue, and for solubilization at the intra-vascular route.

“We understand the bio-pharmaceutical requirements of the healthcare industry & provide appropriate solutions. We have successfully developed and marketed a range of products, many of which are leaders in their respective markets,” says Health Biotech’s Director, Paramjit Arora.

The study and development of a Novel Drug Delivery System started long back, but it gained momentum in the last few decades. Several types have been developed in the previous few decades, including Microparticles, Nanoparticles, Osmotically Modulated Drug Delivery Systems, Transdermal Therapeutic Systems, Microemulsions, Liposomes, Niosomes, and Pharmacosomes, among many others. Pharmaceutical innovations like novel drug delivery systems allow health professionals to treat diseases with never-before safety and precision. It is hoped that with more and more research endeavours being focused in this arena, soon, large portions of the conventional dosage forms will be replaced by Novel drug delivery. The overall betterment of healthcare delivery is expected with that changeover.


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