‘Think With Me’ by Subrata Roy Sahara nails the top position

Sahara India Pariwar gets another feather in its cap today. Subrata Roy Sahara’s writing marvel Think With Me Book made it to the top of the bestseller chart by Neilsen. Headquartered in the United States, Neilsen is a leading name when it comes to global information, measurement, market research and insights.

Subrata Roys book on sebi-sahara

Conceived and curated by Subrata Roy, Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar, Think With Me Book is a sensible, stirring, and exhaustivetreatiseon India’sstalled growth. The book aims at identifying the issues that hold back India from becoming a global super power. The second release from Saharasri’s trilogy Thoughts from Tihar, it opens up several corridors of discussion to introduce significant changes on diverse fronts. The book Think With Me talks about India’s poor educational setup, biased electoral system, uncontrolled population growth, immoral media approach and irrational religion divide. Published by Rupa Publications Think With Me successfully managed to move straight up from the 10th position in the non-fiction category last week to being number one this week in the Nielsen BookScan.

A perfect model of measured intellectual expression, Think With Me was launched on 18th of December at the ‘Think With Me Summit 2016’ held at Lucknow. With the latest news of Think With Me topping the charts within 3 months of its unveiling, it indeed is a proud moment for Subrata Roy and the entire Sahara India Pariwar.

The bestseller is up for sale at all leading book stores in India and abroad. Readers can also get hands on Think With Me as an e-book at popular online portals.

About the book ‘Think With Me’

 “When we see the problems related to political leadership, population growth, education, the media and religion going from bad to worse, a natural question comes up in our minds. Where, after all, did we go wrong? What happened during our democratic journey of independent India that we are faced with nasty problems on all these fronts? Why couldn’t we teach people occupying places of responsibility that rights are given to perform your genuine duties, not to serve your personal whims, false ego and greed?”

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