A ‘Universe of Exchanges’ Marks the Global Presence of Jignesh Shah’s FTIL

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The remarkable success Global Presence of Jignesh Shah owned Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL) laid the ground for a never-before-seen economic growth across the world. Known as the ‘Innovator of Modern Financial Markets’, he played an instrumental role in shaping the future of many modern IP-centric financial markets.

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In Global Presence of Jignesh Shah, he launched the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) in 2003, which is listed asthe world’s largest commodity futures exchanges by the Futures Industry Association (FIA). The FTIL Group also introduced a number of other profitable ventures in India, such as the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX), the MCX Stock Exchange Limited (MCX-SX), and the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL). Undoubtedly, this passionate and far-sighted thought leader transformed the way financial institutions and exchanges worked inIndia.

However, Jignesh Shah’s path-breaking contribution soon surpassedthe realms of the Indianterritory. Governments of the Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia shook hands with this extraordinaire Indian technocrat to avail the benefits of FTIL’s innovative technology. The hi-tech exchange solutions of the FTIL Group chiselled the path for ground-breaking growth opportunities in Singapore, Mauritius, Dubai, Botswana and Bahrain.

This progressive wave led to the formation of an extensive universe of exchanges and ecosystem institutions that constitutes the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX), the Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX), the Bahrain Financial Exchange (BFX) and Bourse Africa.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that FTIL Founder Jignesh Shah created a unique global exchange basket of multi-asset-class ventureswith his sharp business acumen and novel ideas.The expansion of FTIL Group across multiple nationsis a step forward towards the establishment’s vision of dominating the global finance and exchange trading sector.


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