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Vikram Singh Puar pays homage to late Dewas King on his birthday

On November 17, Vikram Singh Puar paid homage to his father, Late Tukoji Rao Puar by engaging in welfare activities. He spent his father’s 54th birthday by serving the people of Dewas. He inaugurated the day by joining hands and bowing in front of his father’s photograph. He was also seen doing the tilak on the picture, seeking blessings of his father.

Vikram Singh’s father, Tukoji Rao IV Puar was the ninth descendant of the Puar dynasty. He was also a politician of Bhartiya Janta Party. A very popular personality, he got elected six times in a row as the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Madhya Pradesh. The late Dewas King spent his life working for the welfare of the people of his birthplace.

After paying tribute to his father, Vikram Singh Puar went out to an old-age home to distribute fruits and tetra-milk packs to the people staying away from their children. With the belief that fortune comes to those who receive prayers of the people, he further went to the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Dewas. Reaching out to each individual personally, he offered fruits to the patients and wished for their good health. He also went to Nagda where a health camp was taking place. Greeting each one of them, he gave them fruits and prayed for their well-being.

The son of late Dewas King,Vikram Singh Puar is a well-known social worker and is often seen resolving issues of the common people. He also takes part in the welfare activities and various development projects. His steps mostly aim at promoting the betterment of Dewas and its people.

The 54th birth anniversary of Tukoji Rao went exactly as he would’ve wanted. His son distributed tricycles to differently-abled people at Jawahar Chowk and served lunch to the students of Blind Girls School in Dewas. Moreover, he opened a Gau Shala in Adarsh Nagar and fed the cattle.

This is not the first time that Vikram Singh Puar has been involved in the social welfare activities. Numerous projects and events have been taken up by him for the betterment of Dewas people. However, devoting his special day for the people is something that is worth the appreciation.


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