Akshaya Patra USA looking for Indian American youth ambassadors

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Akshaya Patra USA looking for Indian American youth ambassadors  Akshaya Patra, a widely known NGO launched the Youth Ambassador Program, a social justice engagement program for the students in the year 2014 in US.  Over 100 Indian American activists participated in the program with zeal and enthusiasm. Akshaya Patra USA is the US branch of a charitable organization in India that strives to fight hunger and provide nutritious meals to the under privileged children in India’s government schools.  The organization is looking for dedicated, passionate and motivated youth activists who are willing to work for the noble cause and expand its reach.

A number of compassionate and ambitious young people are being recruited by the Akshaya Patra’s Youth Ambassador Program from across the US to act as representatives for the organization in their communities. The admission process is based on an ongoing rolling basis. The students of middle school as well as high school are eligible to apply for the program.

Rhea and Rohan Bansal, from Jacksonville, Florida, are two of these 100 young caring high achievers who exemplify the fiery and generous spirit of Akshaya Patra Youth Ambassadors.According to Rhea and Rohan:  “two highlight events of this school year have been the Car Wash we hosted in partnership with the Hindu Society of Northeast Florida Ripples Youth Committee, and the Eat2Feed event held during the Hindu festival of Navratri. The Car wash was a thorough success, with over 35 youth and 7 adult volunteers. We danced, sang, and laughed for over 4 hours… Somewhere along the way we washed around 60 cars and raised over $1300!  For the Eat2Feed event, we worked with our father and his friends to make and sell Indian fast food at the Hindu Temple. Between the food cooked by volunteers and food donated by a local restaurant, we raised $450.”

“Akshaya Patra is very fortunate to have so many enthusiastic young supporters who are passionate about spreading awareness of the school meal program and helping 1.5 million children in India realize their dreams through education”, Desh Deshpande, Chairman of Akshaya Patra’s Board of Directors remarked, in a statement.


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