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Real Estate Industry Pioneer Program inaugurated by PropTech startup – AskPorter

AskPorter was all over the news in the late 2018 when it was announced that Google Assistant had made a notable investment into the company to build an AI-powered property maintenance chatbot. Google with its tech and business development support have been focusing on expanding this technology vertically and horizontally to automate every part of the management.

Kuran McKay – CCO of AskPorter, stated that his company is working on two goals. On the one hand they are focussing on automated repetitive tasks for agents and on the other to help in managing property with less headcounts. In addition to this, the company is also developing machine learning capabilities of the data logs which the company is currently collecting.

AskPorter’s central maintenance product is currently in market and the company is now developing the rest. The company is developing the product conjointly with the target clientele. Keeping in mind the project, AskPorter launched the Porter Pioneer Program in which fifteen leading real estate companies across the commercial, residential and specialist sector are participating.

Out of pioneer fifteen companies, five of them – Warwick Estates, Four, Let-Leeds, POD and Wisag are currently using the AskPorter’s platform and are working with company to enhance and develop it. They have mandated that by the next six months, each of the pioneer company will have their own tailored platform customised to their own required specifications.   

The program is designed in three phases – first stage is to learn and discover the important insights of the organizational needs, the second phase is to build and refine the platform based on first phase inducing direct user feedback and series of improvements, and in the final phase it will be delivered to the pioneer companies followed by a thorough review and a conclusive final touch.

The first phase is currently under process. AskPorters are confident about their AI technology, that it is likely to save their client’s time as well as money in long run. It will be interesting to see the final outcome.       

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