Digital India reshaping real estate, says Janaharsha Estates


The wave of digitalization led by revered Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached all the corners of the world. India is experiencing an electronic revolution and this has touched all the verticals of the country. From real estate to education, India has plans on incorporating an advanced technology in all. The real estate giant Janaharsha Estates is celebrating this initiative and is thankful to PM Modi for his initiative.

Digital India initiative has received a ringing endorsement from all the techies of the world. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the company will announce cloud computing systems from data centres in India next week, calling it a “big milestone”.
Modi told the audience at the Silicon Valley, “We are expanding our public Wi-Fi hotspots. For example, we want to ensure that free Wi Fi is not only there in airport lounges, but also on our railway platforms. Teaming up with Google, we will cover 500 railway stations in a short time.”

T.V.RamanaMurty, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Janaharsha Estates said, “India is witnessing nothing less than a digital revolution. The announcement of public Wi-Fi hotspots is a boost in the Digital India movement. All thanks to PM Modi. This is inspiring affordable products and services and multiple opportunities to all of India.”
“We believe that low-cost broadband connectivity, coupled with the scale of cloud computing intelligence that can be harnessed from data, can help drive creativity, efficiency and productivity across governments and businesses of all sizes,” the Indian-American Microsoft CEO said.

Prime Minister Modi has also invited Apple to set up a manufacturing base in India. Its CEO Tim Cook responded positively and Indian officials said here.“The prime minister (in his meeting with Cook) said he would like Apple to start manufacturing in India. He mentioned the huge opportunities India offered,” Ministry of External Affairs Spokesman Vikas Swarup said.

Mr. Murty added, “Real estate sector is also being reshaped with the digital revolution. From online transactions, digital tours of sites and online booking facilities, Janaharsha Estates is also experiencing a boost in sales.”


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