Lavisa Infrastructures helping people fight dengue

The incidence of dengue is going high with each passing day. More and more cases are being reported and what has become important is to deal with the situation in a critical and impactful approach. Doing their parts, many organizations are working towards helping people fight the disease. Lavisa Infrastructures is running a campaign to help people avoid the deadly disaster.

Swaaraj Sinha, chairman and managing director of Lavisa Infrastructures said that Lavisa Infrastructures is really disheartened to see dengue which has become like an epidemic this year. The disease has already taken a big number of lives and we all need to take ample precautions to avoid being harmed. Lavisa Infrastructures is running an awareness campaign through online platforms making people aware of how they can protect themselves.

Lavisa Infrastructures has emphasized on various means to prevent oneself from dengue. The list includes pointers like cleaning out empty flower pots and not watering potted plants. Lavisa has also emphasized on turning over empty pails and buckets to avoid excess water collection.

Mr. Sinha also talked briefly about what their campaign focuses on. He said that people may apply mosquito repellants on exposed areas during both day and night. One should take special care if someone in their home is already suffering from dengue. You should try to not let the mosquitoes bite them or anyone else in the house.

Lavisa Infrastructures’ campaign is anticipating heavy response as more and more people are getting inspired from PM Modi and are going digital. The company is looking forward to making a difference for the lives which are in danger of dengue.


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  • Vansh Taneja 12 / 10 / 2015 Reply

    praise worthy efforts by Lavisa Infrastructures…whole nation is in dengue trap..


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