Palava will set new global standards: Abhinandan Lodha

, Real Estate Hour

Lodha Group is all set to cover the 800 acres of land as a part of its new township venture in suburbs of Mumbai. The Lodha Group will put Rs 14,000 crore in this portion. It’s additionally a part of its Palava venture, which is spread over more than 4,000 acres in the middle of Dombivali and Navi Mumbai. Rs 4,800 crore has been spent in purchasing the area and crafting its first phase as of now, which was dispatched in 2009. It is covering up to 250 acre land where 20,000 units are raised. Lodha Group claims that it has given the ownership title of 10% of them after selling it wholly.

Its second phase will be propelled soon which will be including schools, hospitals, sports center and other kind of social, commercial and residential options, so as to complete the township. At the point when this phase will get finished, that 800 acres of land will be covered with 800 residential towers, all varying from 7 to 14 story buildings.

Deputy Managing Director of Lodha Group, Mr. Abhinandan Lodha shared his dream among masses that he wants Palava to be a standout amongst the most livable cities of the world. That is the reason Lodha Group is paying special attention towards its each aspect, which all will set new global standards.

Lodha Group knows the significance of low cost houses in Mumbai just like some other metropolitan city across India. The developer has seized the opportunity and managed to gather up to Rs. 8,700 crore subsequent to selling its projects in last financial year. This year it is anticipating to reach up to Rs. 10,000 crore by covering 5.6 million square feet area.


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