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Internet has made our world so much easier.  It has brought us to a stage where we intend to reduce manual labor and automate things. Our convenience and comfort has taken the front seat. Even the companies are soon understanding this and are trying to provide their customers with a new level of comfort. Raheja Developers Ltd. Innovations in technology has made us come across various channels that allow us to reach out to a whole new dimensions

Internet has been the biggest liberator for most of us. With its multi varied and dispersive benefits, it has penetrated into almost every sphere of our lives. It has constricted our giant orb, Earth over a virtual belvedere. Advent of internet has made convenience an affordable luxury. We aim to automate everything so as to reduce manual labor and increase the throughput.

Internet has had a stellar impact on the way business is conducted in the contemporary world. It has transformed the conventional methods of trading and replaced them with methodologies that are convenient to the customers as well as traders. With the surge in e-commerce portals and their huge success, more and more business operations are being transformed to suit to such platforms.  The business world has adapted itself to the changing trends .This potential of internet and e-commerce has touched upon the realty sector as well with giants like Raheja Developers employing the services of a leading e-commerce portal to facilitate their business. Raheja Developers Ltd. has recently entered an advertising agreement with Snapdeal where the traffic is diverted from online shopping site to the real estate developer’s site.

This step has led to a significant surge in the traffic at the developer’s site, registering above 5,000 visits per day.  Our esteemed Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Navin Raheja has always been emphasizing on the elevating the customer’s experience and keeping in line with this view, we are looking forward to provide the customers with a convenience of making online payments for their purchases with us. This would have a multitude of benefits including an increased convenience of paying through credit/debit card and net banking combined with a secure transfer through a trusted gateway. We will also allow the customers to make these online payments in installments. This would provide them with a further relief.


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