Brazil first ever Olympic Medal in Rio Olympics 2016

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Rio Olympics

Isaquias Queiroz dos Santos, a Brazilian Canoe Sprinter, born on 3rd January in the year 1994, has made Brazil proud by bringing a first-ever Olympic medal to this country, in the Rio 2016.  This man became the hero of the show, winning a silver medal for the country in Men’s 1000M race event. This game although has no glamour of gymnastics or any other kind of an athletic sporty feeling, but still proved itself when it made Brazil, a real hero of the Rio  Olympics Games held recently.

Isaquias Queiroz dos Santos, the 22-year-old hero, defeated Olympic game, German Champion Sebastian Brendel, in the finals. The whole scene was joyful with the crowd chanting “Brazil! Brazil! Brazil!” This player was happy to win the silver medal and confirmed the taste of the medal similar to the gold one because he played for the country; he was born in and made everyone proud of him. His career is full of challenges that started in his early three years of age when a boiling water pot scalded most of the right side of his face, and he had to stay for a month-long in a hospital. When he turned five, he was abducted for a short period of time.

At 10-years of age, he lost one of his kidneys’ during a free fall from a tree. So, getting this silver medal was a real satisfaction against all the bad luck that chased him throughout his life. He quickly summed up saying that these challenges of his life gave him the strength to prepare his body for more challenges that are waiting for him in the future time.

A press interview after Rio Olympics win, made him feel special, and he returned to his water sport to participate in the next event.


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