Sports tech companies gear up; TopYa! and Challenger Sports’ merge together to boost youth sports

Driven by technological advancements, and cultural changes, sports industry is now going through an evolutionary phase. Companies are coming forward to drive growth of youth sports. One such recent attempt has been made with the mergers of TopYa! and Challenger Sports’. With the e-commerce, technology, and team wear divisions of Challenger Sports’, the merger is expected to creates a sports high-driven technology company, which is already expecting top dollar revenue this year (exceeding $15 million)

The collaboration will aim to serve players, parents, coaches, and sports organizations as well. “Challenger is now poised to make the most significant change in its history entering 2019,” explained Paul Lawrence, CEO of Challenger Team wear, whose company is part of the merger. “The new technology company formed with TopYa! will power Challenger Sports’ businesses and the rest of the market, “he added.

Known for being a video learning and engagement platform, TopYa! is equipped with technology combining both virtual, and practical experiences to help learn children play. Some of the worthy features Topya! app provides are the submit video-based homework during the camps, and receiving feedback from the company’s virtual coaches.

“The new company provides TopYa! with the distribution reach and team to rapidly accelerate the proliferation of its platform. Now, we are well positioned to meet the demand from sports organizations, clubs, schools and teams across the globe to magnify their mission and improve and grow their organizations,” explained Jason Keller, CEO of TopYa!

Saas platform service sport companies such as TopYa! are making their presence noticed in both Indian, and international markets. Changing the dynamics of youth sports are some other Indian startups too, such as Sportswave, KOOH Sports, Xtreme Zone, etc providing structured coaching to help children indulge in sports, and train, mentor them in multi-sport areas. Ranging from playgrounds, courts, playing equipment, networks, these startups aim to cover everything in the sports segment.

Giving Indian youth an opportunity to tap in the world of both virtual and practical sports play, these companies help them better leverage the full potential of the sports sector.


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