A record breaking 1,10,000 condoms ‘setting Winter Olympics on fire’

When it comes to Olympics, they say the sporting spirit sees a new high. Besides, we can’t really say about the spirits this time, but condoms are certainly witnessing a new high. The winter Olympics 2018 have already begun, and the organizers of South Korean games have supplied athletes with a staggering 1,10,000 condoms. This adds a whopping 10,000 more condoms supplied to athletics, than the Winter Olympics back in 2016. While the number of athletes is only a 100 more.

The situation is not like that there is nothing else to do. Athletes typically enjoy amenities such as fitness center, a media center and a dedicated multipath areas of worship. The games village is fully equipped with facilities including a shops ranging from international postal services to flower shops.

Interestingly, the statement by a spokesperson of the South Korean condom manufacturer said that it was supplying the condoms with a ‘goodwill’.

To put it numbers, 2,925 athletes representing 90 nations are present for winter Olympics 2018. Dividing it with the number of condoms gives a total of 37 condoms per person. The number is really high for an event that is scheduled to last two weeks.

Besides, it is nothing new to see condoms in the village the same has happened in the following years before:

1988 Summer Olympics: To spread awareness of HIV, condoms first appeared at this stage in 1988 in Seoul, South Korea, to reduce the spread of HIV.

1994 Winter Olympics: Once again the organizers of Olympics in 1994 brought forth the concept of free condom distribution, as a means to spread AIDS awareness in Lillehammer, Norway.

2000 Summer Olympics:  In year 2000, the organizers of Olympic Games in Sydney reportedly distributed 90,000 condoms.

2010 Winter Olympics: The British Columbia Centre for Disease control distributed 1,00,000 condoms for athletes and officials in Vancouver.

2016 Summer Olympics: At the most recent Games, organizers distributed about 4,50,000 condoms to athletes in Rio, Brazil.

Clearly, the awareness for HIV is given due importance, but it is reasonably difficult to state why the number of condoms per person is so high.





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