Alcatraz AI appoints new VP to lead biometric business development


Headquartered in California, Alcatraz AI names Mitch Fagundes as new Vice President of Global Accounts to grow biometric access and development control business.

Alcatraz is a proliferating organisation that is marking footprints in frictionless access control solutions and building a team of security industry experts to deliver great results for leading firms. Mitch Fagundes has extensive industry experience. Previously, while serving organisations like Arecont Vision and Pelco at senior posts like Vice President and Business Development Director he played a crucial role for their growth with his insight and developed game-changing solutions.

“I’ve always seen the access side of the industry as ripe for innovation – especially in functional artificial intelligence and frictionless entry. I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to join the Alcatraz AI team and deliver exactly what the industry has been asking for as long as I’ve been a part of it.” Said Fagundes.

Recently, the company revealed details about its facial recognition technology implementation by LA-area hospital. Alcatraz aims to make authentication more secure through scalable, fast, and easy-to-integrate platform.

Computer vision and artificial intelligence are used for real-time decisions. Algorithms are continuously improving with deep learning-based analytics. Alcatraz replaced current badge and biometric readers with physical access control. In upcoming years it plans to add more applications in different verticals.

Alcatraz uses 3D facial mapping and deep neural networks to enrol individuals based on any access control method. Entry is granted based on secure facial recognition with authentication for multi-person in-the-flow sensing.

Last year Alcatraz launched a full-stack platform with custom hardware deployed to the edge and software on-premises and in the cloud. Its AI system also avoids the need to reach thousands of employees to a human resources office to enrol their biometrics.

Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology. The fundamental change in the way we exist and interact with others, is all going to be represented by this revolution. It is a lot more than just technology-driven change.

European countries are competing to emerge as leaders in artificial intelligence (AI), as the nations are investing huge amount for the sector. They’re also fighting out with US and China, who are widely seen as the current world leaders.

According to a study, the UK government evaluated that AI can add around £630 billion to the country’s economy by 2035. This has offered to make the UK the world’s center for developing AI business.

The UK government committed close to US$77 million for research in AI and robotics in 2017 and every year the investment amount is increasing.


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