Bharat Aero applies patent for selective jamming, aiding sky security of critical infrastructure

Ritika Pathak

, Techno Hour

Bharat Aero, one of the major asset protection companies conducted a rigorous research and study in arena of sky security. It came up with an innovative technology that can aid organizations to protect their critical assets. In continuation to its research, the company had applied for a patent on selective jamming of drones. The patent covers the company’s idea of creating an integrated solution to counter potential threats to critical assets.

The research and study is need based solution to counter the evolving threats to the critical infrastructure which cannot be achieved only with the on ground physical security systems and henceforth making sky security equally important. The next generation of integrated and automated drone detection and jamming is achieved through simulation and prototyping making it effective solution to safeguard critical infrastructure.

The on going research  on Electromagnetic Waves aims at identifying the effect on drone movement at various frequencies of electromagnetic waves.

As per the official statement given by Bharat Aero, it aims at offering its sky protection services to organizations with critical infrastructure at stake in environment of day to day evolving threats though a dedicated OEM partner. As per the statement the innovative technological simulation and prototyping solutions will be soon made available.

About Bharat Aero:

Under the visionary leadership of time –served scientists and technology masters, Bharat Aero has been a prominent face in the club of research and development organizations in India. The company believes in ethical and secured environment under which every organization with critical infrastructure can develop freely, without the pressure of critical security breaches. It has continuously been a part of research based projects and though its long term learning developed security solutions in the arena.




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