Infosys ventures into US comes with technology innovation

Infosys, an Indian Multinational Corporation instated its new technology, and innovation center in Hartford, US. Amidst its US expansion, the firm has announced hiring spree of more than 7,000 American workers in the span of 18 months, the firm is focused on boasting digital innovation of American firms.

“The Hartford hub…will help Infosys work more closely with its clients in the region and will serve as the global Hub for Infosys’ InsurTech and HealthTech efforts. The hub will feature living labs for the future of insurance, the future of healthcare and the future of manufacturing amongst others,” Infosys said in a BSE filing.

Its Chief Operating Officer (COO), Pravin Rao deliberated the importance of its technology, and innovation which marked its milestone to help the American enterprises rejuvenate its core business.

“This hub, along with five other hubs around the country, will help us to seamlessly collaborate with our clients to develop agile, cross-functional digital solutions to today’s most pressing business needs,” he added

The digital transitioning company has recently also announced expansion of its operations by creating 1,200 new jobs in Australia.  The company believes in serving local customers, and helping organizations benefit from digital innovation.

In an interview, the company responded, “It’s about how do we maximize the efficiency of their operations by deploying things like artificial intelligence and automation to increase efficiency, so funding can be directed to some of those new digital areas (that improve outcomes).”






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