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Qkopy – the app that acted as a savior during Kerala floods – receives top honours

Qkopy, the app that played a major role in the Kerela flood relief flood operations, was awarded with the top honours for the Technology That Changed Lives category. Developed by Arun P and Rajiv Surendran at MuseON Communications, this application comes at a time when the market is witnessing a surge in social apps.

Being a crucial news messenger when god’s own country was hit by severe floods, Qkopy was the platform that delivered instant updates as shared by the police. Color coding the paces as green and red, the app updated the residents from time to time.

The Qkopy application acted a source of reliable information for people who were stranded and needed any platform to know the status of flooding, waterlogging, traffic movement and more. The application required to save the Kozhikode City Traffic Police phone number, and then it directly sent updates as shared by the police.

The mobile number registered with the Qkopy will be the source, and the followers who want to receive instant updates and messages must save this number on their mobile phones with the Qkopy app installed,” founder and CEO Arun Perooli said.

The alerts will directly go to these phones from the government department or any agency. No fake accounts can be created on Qkopy, mainly because one could only register with a valid mobile number,” he added.

Another major help that the app provided was saving people from the fake news of Nipah virus outbreak that happened during the Kerala floods. The application came in handy and aided both the authorities and the people to disseminate real and fake information.

The application acted as a source of reliable information at a time when things seemed out of control. Thousands of people who were dependent on the alerts by local authorities were able to migrate to safe places and avoid danger. The death toll, which could have been much higher was decreased because of Qkopy.

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