SpaceX returns 4 cosmonauts to earth after 6-month flight

Four cosmonauts who came at the International Space Station in April for a long-term science mission started their journey back to Earth on last Monday as their SpaceX staff members Dragon capsule disconnected from the orbiting laboratory to take a flight back home.

The Dragon vehicle known as Endeavor had undocked from the space station as scheduled shortly post 2 P.M Eastern time (1900 hours GMT) in a process that was posted live by a NASA webcast with video wherein the cosmonauts were strapped into the cabin wearing white helmeted flight suits.

Operating on Auto-pilot, the spacecraft was scheduled ahead of time to start leaving back to Earth with a 90-minute flying-around time that enabled the crew to capture the golden moments of the orbiting outpost revolving around the globe from a height of 250miles. Rocket-thrusters will fire off to send spacecraft to its last stage i.e. back to Earth.

“SpaceX Mission Control radio-telecasted from Southern California, On behalf of SpaceX, welcome home to Planet Earth.”

Thomas Pesquet posted a tweet last Sunday including a short video displaying the space station illuminated against the start black space and the glistening city lights on the nighttime portion of Earth. The tweet went like, “One more night with this magical view. Who could complain? I’ll miss our spaceship!” The tweeple quite agreed.

However, the space ride back home wasn’t as comfortable. The restroom in their capsule was not functional and the space crew had to utilize diapers for the eight-hour trip back to Earth.

The next space crew is also believed to spend six months aloft while welcoming tourists unstoppably. It is said that a Japanese tycoon and his personal secretary will be travelling from the Russian Space Agency in December 2021 ensued by three businessmen arriving through SpaceX in February. SpaceX’s foremost privately chartered space flight bypassed the space Station in September 2021.

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