Beware! Cyber criminals plotting to gush cyber-attacks across the Nations


Ritika Pathak

, Technology

Over the past few years, cyber attacks have surfaced from time to time. The staggering number of these attacks continues to increase in frequency, severity and threat.

In the wake of increasing numbers, several resources are generated to counter them, however shielding the data from cyber criminals still remains a challenging task.

Understanding the cyber threats and consequences of data loss is a major concern for businesses across all sectors. It has now become a major portion of investment for data-driven sectors dealing in various domains to use modern cyber security analysis for protection against online threats.

Every year, numerous organisations face losses in billions due to poor or inappropriate cyber technology. Hackers attack the systems based on various patterns and sequences, hence it is quintessential to barricade the attackers from reaching the networks.

Recently, a clear example of cyber threat came into limelight when the hackers based in China attempted 40,000 cyber-attacks on the Indian Defence, banking, information technology (IT) sectors within a span of 5 days. The nature of attacks involved defacing websites, data exfiltration and phishing campaigns.

Considering the current scenario, a Hong-Kong based, Cyber Security company, Wynyard Group has developed several products and services for data loss prevention and safeguarding the highly-confidential information stored in online and offline formats.

‘Designed to deliver’ products and services are Wynyard Group’s competitive advantage. As most of the cyber security breaches are due to human error, the company customises and develops the products and services as per the specific requirement of any pivotal sector. To ensure safety at all ends, it offers holistic delivery by deploying its own manpower, support and cyber specialists on the large turnkey projects.

Serving worldwide with major client base across pan Asia, the company’s solutions like Secured communication eliminate the risk of data leakage through end-to-end encryption and backing SIP servers.

Here, the added layer of security and privacy by companies like Wynyard Group becomes an important shield of defense against cyber threats and hacking that have plagued the countries over recent years.


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