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Alok Bhartia – From Traveler To Storyteller

Alok Bhartia is a Bangalore-based travel blogger, born in Singapore. The masses may not remember his name by heart, but the blogging fraternity is indebted to his contributions.

Alok Bhartia was born on 27 October, 1987. His migration from Singapore to Bengaluru is often labelled as his first travel experience by friends and family. After his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya Fort William, he graduated in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Calcutta.

Bhartia’s surroundings pushed him into the vicious loop of 9-5 as soon as his college days came to an end. It is often said that it is easy to choose but difficult to discard. Alok Bhartia, despite becoming the Chief Editor of a traveler-interaction website ‘Travel Saathi’, was not satisfied with the idea of leading his life as per the corporate framework.

The caged professional and boundless traveler were waging conflicts inside him, when he decided to take a trip to Mansarovar Lake. This trip changed the dynamics of his life. A clear sky over his head with a beautiful lake in the backdrop flanked by the gigantic Mount Kailash made him introspect and discover his true self. He finally found the one word that summed up the grounds of his existence: Travel.

As soon as Alok Bhartia returned from the life-altering trip, he quit his job, and liberated himself from the shackles of pre-established notions. He realized the endless extent of nature’s serenity and decided to dedicate his life to exploration.

The list of his company ventures began with Alok Bhartia Resorts, a 16-resort chain spread all over the world. He served as the Vice-Chairman of the company. Followed by this, he worked in the capacity of Chairman and CEO for a travel-based company, Voyager&Co in 2014. He expressed his vision of two new companies which would surface in the near future. The success of Voyager would not have been possible without the consistent efforts and trust of partners, associates as well as travel brands.

“Fortune favors the brave” came true for Alok Bhartia, when he found a travel companion in his life partner. He married Garima almost 3 years ago and has been traveling with her ever since. She is the constant pillar of strength and the love in his life. She has even revealed the foodie side of Alok. According to her, if he isn’t enjoying nature, he’ll be spotted near an eating joint trying the native specialties. Only a handful of people are aware of the fact that Alok Bhartia loves street food more than the delicacies.

With the idea of helping people discover the marvel of traveling, he founded  Alok Bhartia Travels. It is a non-profit startup based in Bangalore. He started the company in 2016 with a small team, which has grown to a size of more than 40 people today. As an individual, he has managed to cover six countries and three continents in the short span of five years. With his immense experience as well as knowledge, Alok Bhartia keeps organizing trips for people via his company and puts his best foot forward to ensure a memorable experience for them. is his digital journal with the detailed expressions of his experiences. Travelers and other people refer to his website for basic travel knowledge, hidden places to visit, travel hacks and other information related to travel.

Alok Bhartia has been the inspiration and guiding force of many people who have dared to take a leap of faith to follow their dreams. He will continue to acquaint the world with his travel stories with a hope to achieve great feats in the near future.

                         Alok Bhartia Life Journey


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