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Best Christmas holiday destinations in India

Christmas is just around the corner and there’s no better way to end 2020 than a getaway trip to enjoy the festival. This year, it’s all about exploring new traditions in various parts of the country and be a part of local celebrations. To make it easier, here is a list of places that serve as the perfect holiday destination for Christmas:

1. Goa : Famous Place to Celebrate Christmas Eve

India’s party capital offers a once in a lifetime experience around Christmas. Natives and people from across the globe participate in music festivals organized daily along with random performances at beaches, bars, and streets. Goa is home to some of the most beautiful churches in India and there’s a lot to explore with the flourishing Christian community.

it the Goan streets as the festivities are all over the place and also don’t miss out the Christmas carnival in GoaChristmas in Goa is definitely one of the most important festivals celebrated and here are some of the best experiences you can indulge in for an amazing Christmas celebration.

Here are some of the best experiences you can indulge in for an amazing Christmas celebration.

  • Christmas Eve
  • Mandovi River Cruise
  • Bike Ride
  • Sunburn
  • Christmas Feast
  • Missa De Galo
  • Firework Show

2. Delhi – Festive Cheer Across Delhi

If you haven’t been to the Sacred Heart Cathedral on Christmas, you haven’t witnessed the true spirit of the festival. People from all walks of life offer wine, candles, and donations in and around the church decorated with beautiful, bright lights. This is followed by a soothing celebration at one of their favorite cafes in Connaught Place. It’s the perfect combination of traditional and modern Christmas celebrations.

Here are some of the things to do in Delhi, during Christmas; especially in terms of food, shopping and activities:

  • Sacred Heart Cathedral Church
  • St. Alphonsa’s Church
  • Cathedral Church of the Redemption
  • St. James Church
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • German Christmas Market
  • Oz Haat Mela
  • Select City Walk
  • American Welcome Association
  • Nappa Dori
  • Theobroma
  • Georgia Dakota
  • Wenger’s

3. Bangalore – Christmas Nights Extravaganza with Banjara and Gypsy

Foodies, this one is for you. Bangalore has exclusive bakery outlets spread across the city that serve classic Christmas dishes including turkey, plum cake, and rum cake. The streets are lit with fairy lights and just a stroll around the markets transports you into the festive mood. If you’re a party person, club-hopping is the ideal way to spend the night with celebrity DJs in the house.

Check out events Paytm Insider has in-store – parties, pub crawls, Christmas menus, karaoke, brunch, workshops & several curated things you can do on your own.

4. Shillong – Celebration With Much Zeal And Enthusiasm

For those who think there ain’t any good places to visit during Christmas in the North-East, think again. With a considerable population of Catholics, Shillong in Meghalaya celebrates Christmas with as much zeal and enthusiasm as any other city in India and comes out as one of the best Christmas getaways in India.

Turning more paradisiacal and lovely in December, Christmas in Shillong offers a plethora of fun and engaging activities during the festive season. It is undoubtedly among the best places to visit during Christmas in India.

5. Pondicherry – Find Crunchy Cookies And Gifts

With a pleasant weather in December, serene beaches to hang out at, and an endless number of gothic churches and cathedrals elaborately decorated to soothe the eyes, one will never have a dearth of places for Christmas vacation in India, when they’re in Pondicherry. With so much to explore, on shouldn’t miss out on a trip to Pondicherry on Christmas. From crunchy cookies, gift exchanges, Christmas trees, and a horde of activities for travelers during this time, there’s no doubt as to how Pondicherry landed in the list of the best places to celebrate Christmas in India.

6. Kerala – Sing Carols At Midnight

With what seems like the entire country flocking to Goa every Christmas, there aren’t any options left for serenity seeking beach lovers but to sit at home. Right? Wrong. Check out the Christmas celebration in Kerala and sing carols at the midnight mass, witness the Christmas play, gorge on the local feast or have a bonfire on the beaches for a a more-than-merry experience! With so much to do during this favorite time in the year, Kerala is one of the best places to visit during Christmas in south India.

6. Mumbai – Witness Brightly Illuminated Christmas Trees

If you fancy brightly illuminated Christmas trees on the sidewalk, malls and markets jazzed up with Christmas lights and props, and the delicious scent of fruit cakes and date rolls hanging in the air this Christmas, you should head to Mumbai, one of the best Christmas getaways in India. With lights, smiles, and music all around, Christmas in Mumbai is, without a doubt, one of the best places to visit for Christmas in India.

7. Kolkata – The City Of Joy Gets Joyous

Oh yes, why not wait for Santa to bring you your presents in the City of Joy this year? Catholic or not, people of Kolkata celebrate the birth of Christ with as much vigor as those in the South, owing which it is among the best places to visit in India during Christmas. Light & Sound exhibitions, rock band performances, glittering decor & heavy discounts on merchandise, Christmas in Kolkata has got it all and knows you just might get one of those Christmas gift ideas in India right here!

8. Daman And Diu – Attend The Cultural Shows

It may not prominently figure in the list of best places to visit during Christmas, but it surely is as fun during this time as any other Indian city. With several cultural shows, Corridinho (Portuguese dance) shows, midnight mass in the many churches located here, and the zillions of lamps illuminating the skies overhead, there’s no reason one shouldn’t visit Daman & Diu during Christmas! If not churches, one can visit the serene beaches of Diu during the festival of Christmas, an equally fun way to celebrate the spirit of India’s most joyous festival.

9. Manali – A Perfect Snowy Christmas

Not much of a beach person? Would you rather go to Himachal & spend Christmas in snowy hills? Himachal surely is one of the best places to visit in India during Christmas you know! So why not head to Manali for your fairytale Christmas where you can play in the snow, go skiing and snowboarding, hang out at the chic cafes, decorate Christmas trees, and sit by the fireplace in your snug little hut sipping on hot chocolate and waiting for Santa to arrive. if you like snow, then Manali is one of the best places to visit during Christmas in India.

10. Shimla – Just Visit These Snow-Laden Hills

There are more than one Christmas holiday destinations for those dreaming of a white Christmas. Set off to the snow-laden hills of Shimla in December which transforms into a paradise for the best Christmas in Shimla. There you can take a toy train ride watching snow capped hills from your cabin, eat at the various British-era cafes and restaurants at Mall Road and attend the mass at Christ Church, among other things to do on your trip to Shimla on Christmas. Without further ado, find out what makes Shimla in winter one of the best places to visit during Christmas vacation in India.

11. Chennai – Of Carols And Masses

When it comes to picking the best places to visit in India during Christmas, Chennai proves to be a great option. Apart from the carols and mass at its many churches, various hotels offer special buffet feasts, clubs host nightlong parties, the Phoenix Market City mall organizes exciting activities, among various other fun festive indulgences. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places to visit in Christmas in India.

12. Lansdowne – Enjoy A Quiet Christmas

For those scouting for someplace to celebrate Christmas away from the maddening crowd, Lansdowne is best place to celebrate Christmas in India. Unspoilt and pristine, Lansdowne offers that much-needed break you have been craving from your busy everyday life. And what better occasion than Christmas to take that break! Head to this charming hill station with friends, family, or your beloved and celebrate Christmas with some bonfire, music, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, and gift exchanges.

13. Sikkim – A Picture-Perfect Christmas

At an altitude of 5,410 feet, Sikkim is that picture-perfect paradise that will surely make this festive season more fun and lively. Coupled with some beautiful sunset and dawn views and known for its unbelievably clean, stunning surroundings, this state is the perfect place for a Christmas vacation in India. The most favourite places of all trekkers and mountain lovers, Sikkim turns into a heaven once snowfall starts, which makes it one of the most incomparable places to visit in winter in India.

14. Dadra And Nagar Haveli – For A Quaint Christmas

Wedged between the state of Gujarat and Maharashtra, Dadra and Nagar Haveli is a yet another quaint union territory where one can spend their Christmas eve like never before. Blessed with a lovely climate, this place is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in India where this festive fervor comes with a tribal touch that will definitely be a unique and a refreshing experience for you and your loved ones. So, gear up for a quirky Christmas celebration and enjoy the warmth of this offbeat avenue this December.

15. Hyderabad – Experience The Joy Lingering In The Air

Christmas in Hyderabad is celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm, the laughter and joy lingering in the air along with Christmas decorations and light displays on the streets. The churches in Hyderabad are beautifully decorated with Christmas ornaments and people hymn carols at midnight mass. Several restaurants and cafes also offer discounts to enjoy a Christmas feast.

16. Ooty – Witness The Stunning Churches

Ooty is a Southern hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu that has a plethora of stunning architectural churches and cultural diaspora that attracts a lot of tourists from across the country. The pleasant climatic conditions and the picturesque beauty of this town make it one of the best places to visit in India during Christmas. The joyous festivities of Christmas can be experienced at the marvelous churches of Ooty. You will find all traditions like midnight masses, Santa Claus, carols and Christmas feasts in Ooty.

17. Gulmarg – Of Snow, Santa And Celebrations

Gulmarg is the ideal destination if you want to experience a White Christmas in India. Decked in snow, Gulmarg is a paradisiacal hill station also famously known as the heartland of winter sports. Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and offer your prayers at the beautiful churches of Gulmarg. Experience the chills as you celebrate the joyous festival with your loved ones wrapped up in a white blanket of snow accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate, Gulmarg most certainly is one of the best places to visit in India during Christmas.

For the offbeat travelers and quiet ones, Lansdowne Christmas is the best. Enjoy the cold night under the blanket of stars while singing and talking with your inner circle around a bonfire. Lansdowne has an array of hotels and cottages for your ideal stay, but you will have to look into the travel arrangements in advance due to COVID-19.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your 2020 Christmas celebration and bid adieu to this monotonous year in style!

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